We know they probably won't, but our hope is that people will use the Quail Manor. There's no charge. We don't want your money, yet anyway. Only rule is you know us or someone we know and trust. Just use and leave it like you'd want to find it and everything will be fine. We'll be there a lot during the winter. And, are most happy to share. We're building a page of stuff to do and will do our best to help you sort. Hell, we'll even entertain as long at it involves a bike or a hike!

The Quail Manor is cozy for sure. The neighborhood is about as far from gated as you can get. And yes, there's no pool. But there is/are:

  • A desert botanic garden out the front and back doors.
  • Two bedrooms; one small, we call it the master, and one tiny we call it the study/guest room.
    • The tiny one has a day bed with a trundle tucked underneath...but not much else! So, two single beds that can be pushed together, or not. I think technically that makes it a king sized bed.
    • The master has a real queen bed and not much else.
    • Think IKEA, it will give you confidence.
    • All the mattresses are actually pretty good. Same stuff we have at home. Not from IKEA, which should give you confidence.
  • Two full bathrooms. In keeping with the tiny theme, these baby's are as physically small as a full bath can be. But all the necessary stuff is in there!
  • A real kitchen with a full compliment of real appliances. They're IKEA appliances so who knows how long they'll work...
  • A gas grill out back under the pergola.
  • Central air conditioning for the hot months. Heat for the cool ones.
  • What you need to make a bed, maintain personal hygiene, and cook stuff.
  • Real washer and Dryer (in the garage).
  • Seating in both the front and back courtyards which is where we'd rather be hanging out anyway.
  • If the garage is empty, a garage to park your car. The driveway or guest parking otherwise.
  • Our heirloom mountain bikes are there and mostly work. Just don't expect lite!
  • As you might expect, there is:
    • Rocking internet and WiFi so you can stream music and video anywhere on the property.
    • TV's with Apple TV and Chromecast for you PC/Android folks in the living area and the bedrooms.
    • Portable Sonos speakers so you can stream tunes where you're hanging.
    • A small desk with printer in the tiny guest room that is really the study.

We figure keeping track of keys is a pain. We're setting up access so you can get into the garage with a code or ping me when you get there and I'll open the door remotely. There is also an old fashioned lock box with a real key in it. Just kind of hate lock boxes. Once in the garage there is an access panel with physical keys and garage door openers. When you leave, put the keys and openers back where you found them.

To schedule a visit, the workflow looks something like this:

The calendar shows current "bookings". The vagaries of Google Calendar means you can scroll around and view to your hearts content. But, you can't change the calendar unless you sign-in with a Google account. 

Since not everyone has a Google account (yet), to keep things simple, take a look at the reservations calendar. If the Quail Manor looks available, click here or the button and we'll get you on the schedule. There's a button to the upper right on the form that implies you can edit the form. You can fill the form in without clicking that button. I'm sure you're perfectly capable of editing the form, but don't. Please...

If the Quail Manor looks booked, but maybe only one room is being used, fill-out the form and we'll track down the other party to make sure things are cool and make introductions if necessary. Our working assumption is that sharing will be cool unless there is a special situation. 

This is a public calendar, so we'll not put real names or contact information in the calendar. In the almost impossible to fathom possibility that two people make a reservation for the same period before we can get the calendar updated, the reservation requests are time-stamped and we'll go FIFO.

If anything changes that will affect other parties, let us know when you know by clicking here or the button to send us an e-mail.

If for whatever reason Quail Manor does not work out or you want a REAL manor experience, here is a link to Tucson Hotels. And here is one for B&Bs.

By the way, Arizona is Mountain Time. BUT, they don't do daylight savings. Which means:

  • During the winter, Arizona is the same as Mountain Time.
  • During the summer, Arizona is essentially Pacific Time.

That said, local TV operates on a Central/Mountain type schedule; late news is on at 22.00 not 23.00 as it would be on real Pacific Time.

The drive from Denver is reliably 13ish hours.

  • Albuquerque is for all intents and purposes half-way. Santa Fe is of course right there too!
  • We leave late morning. Have dinner in ABQ. A relaxed breakfast the next morning. Then get into Tucson early afternoon. Very civilized.
  • We eat at a local 3 or 4 restaurant chain called The Range Café and pick a nearby hotel so we can walk. There are a bunch within walking distance. The Range is kind of a white table cloth Denny's. They do all meals. We've never had to wait to get a table. Everything we've had for any meal is right on. Low stress.
  • Truth or Consequences, NM is another stop over option we use. Makes the second day's drive pretty trivial. Elephant Butte Lake is right there so a bit of a tourist area. Result that helps us is there are several hotels just off the interstate. A local recommends Maria's for "the best Mexican in the world". Down the road a few more exits is Arrey Cafe. Highly recommended by the same local
  • Hatch, NM is about half-way between Albuquerque and Tucson. You kind of have to stop at Sparky's at least once for the experience. The "World Famous" Burger ("because chili and cheese is all you need") is swell. Dan made me try the Green Chili Lemonade. It's exactly what it says; sounds horrible, tastes great. A lunch of these two will make you brand new! You have to catch it right. If there is much of a line out the door, keep going. There is parking behind Sparky's but it annoys me, so I go to the public parking across the street.

The airport code is TUS.  Airlines are:

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Southwest
  • United
  • US Airways

Here's a link that shows the cities connecting directly with Tucson.