Google Spreadsheets works remarkably like Excel. When you're in the spreadsheet on a computer. Mobile, at least as of this writing, is a different animal. If you edit the sheets on a mobile device, functionality is pretty limited. I've only tested on an iPhone, so may be more functionality on an Android device.

There are live links in the spreadsheet that will:

  • Give you distance, estimated drive time, and routing directions from the Quail Manor.
  • Give you the same information from where you are.
  • If available, there is also a link to take you to the store site.

For as yet not understood reasons, the distance, time, routing cells will sometimes say ERROR or Loading. They work fine. Its a Google thing.

On a computer you can filter, search, edit, add rows, delete rows, knock yourself out.  If you know Excel, you'll catch on right away.  Do know there are some columns to the left of the grey line that do the heavy lifting for the distance, time and routing. If you add a row, just copy the calculations to the right of the grey line from the row above or below. The calculations adjust just like Excel. If you delete an entire row, everything is fine.

Also know that this is a live spreadsheet. Any changes you make are saved automatically. Right away. It's a Google thing. There is a good undo feature on the edit bar so you can usually recover from mistakes. I do take backups from time to time so may be able to recover. 

If you're going to use the sheets a lot from a mobile device, there are Google apps available on iTunes and Google play. It may be worth downloading them. iPhone links are on the left and Android links are on the right.