Guest room/study. This is taken from where the master bathroom will be.
 Into the guest room/study from what will become the guest bath.
 What will become the guest bath into the guest room/study.
 Walls are gone, but this is about the same location as the last picture.  You can see the slab cuts. Where the concrete stops being broken up is  where the stem wall for the bearing wall in the old house ran. It was a hell of a wall. With a jack hammer, it took over two hours to chip out. The wood was rotten. The foundation is good for a nuke going off!
 Slab cut in the foreground is the same as the last picture. The slab has been removed.
 Toilet and sinks will have a wall between them. Plumbing gets pretty busy!
 View from the living room into the guest room/study. This is more or less the view through what will be the 8 foot high barn doors.
 Concrete removed.
 Plumber prepped and ready to lay pipe.
 Very compacted base and reinforcing for new slab.
 More or less the view from the kitchen into the master bedroom.
 Better approximation of what it will look like through the 8 foot high barn doors.
 Real good approximation. Note the ceiling will be turned 90 degrees so it will be highest where the picture is taken and slop down to the back wall.
 Not dark anymore!
 Guest tub.
 Note grey water clean-out outside North wall.
 Slab cut for new master bath shower.
 Master shower
 From the guest room into the living room.
 The slab cut for the guest tub drain has been removed, but not much else.  The cut slab for the toilets and sinks in both baths has been started to be removed. Right where the removal has stopped in this picture is where the footing was for the origional baring wall.
 If you look carefully you can see the footing about 3 feet into the first trench.  Look at these trenches. Perfectly flat and sloped. All the plumber had to do was lay pipe and back fill. Very nicely preped.
 All plumbed up and mostly back filled.  Note all the soil we removed got used and we still need some more.
 Trenches back fill and compaction complete.
 Slab penetration pipes wrapped. Anywhere the pipe will come in contact with the concrete, they wrap it with foam so the PVC and concrete can expand and contract at different rates.  Note the slab has been "pinned" with rebar so the pour that fills the trenches will move with the existing slab.  Also note the box in the foreground placed where the tub drain will be. The box is filled with dirt now so that the concrete will leave a gap (the size of the box) around where the tub drain will be. After the concrete cures, the box and dirt will be removed. It gives room for the drain plumbing for p traps and the pipe that runs to the tub overflow. The shower two trenches up is done the same way.
 They did a beauty job of filling the trenches.
 From what will be the back door through to the front door.
 From the master bedroom into the kitchen.
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