Looking in from the front door.  The design idea is that from here you see through the house, through the glass back door, and through the pergola into the back yard. We'll see how that goes, but that's the idea.
 Looking in from the front door after a day of demolition. Note a little more light.   The first dead bird was found in the vent you see here. It was long dead, but still had feathers.
 Demolition day two. So much more light that the camera struggled. Or, more correctly the picture taker struggled to help the camera do it's thing.   The new back door will be shifted to the left about 3 feet from the sliding glass door you can see. The window you can see will be extended in both directions as much as possible. I think it's about 7 feet wide.
 Another day of demolition and a little better picture.
 Is this not a cool shot. Same dark shot from the front door. Just no roof.  Can see all the way through now!
 From the front door!  Trench to left is kitchen sink. Trench in the center is master shower drain. Trench at far right is for toilets and sinks in both bathrooms.
 Close-up of the line running up to the kitchen sink and the black water (top) and grey water (bottom) lines. Note the kitchen drains into the black water.
 Nothing left to demolish.  Pipe dead ahead is the vent for the master shower. It will be buried in a wall that will run away from the camera. The box next to it is for the shower drain.  The pipe to the left is where the kitchen sink will be in the kitchen peninsula. There will be kitchen counter and what amounts to a hall way to the master bedroom and back door between the two pipes.
 From the front door looking towards the kitchen. The door you see will move to the left about 3 feet to make more room for cabinets in the kitchen.
 That opens things up a bit.  The wall you see is the principle bearing wall for the roof. Which we knew. As we opened up the walls, there is a LOT of termite damage to the studs and the beam in this wall.  Note the ceiling is "cathedral". In the new plan, the height of the walls is increased a foot or so and the cathedral is turned 90 degrees to run from left to right.
 All these shots with the roof off, the colors are so cool.
 The door to the garage will be where the wood from is. Kind of cool. They formed it so the colored floor will run to the middle of the doorway (under the threshold). Then from the middle out, the concrete will be the regular color of the steps down to the garage slab.  All the other door thresholds have been formed so the colored concrete runs through to the outside.
 Standing at what will be the door to the garage looking back at the front door.  We were torn whether to save the window coverings...
 After some demolition, things starting to open-up.
 The pink is what will become the (tiny) guest room/study. There will be 8 foot tall barn doors between the living room in the foreground and the guest room back where all the stuff is.
 Really opens things up!
 Same shot as this series from standing at the door from the carport into the kitchen looking towards what used to be the front door.  If we keep the porta potty, we would be two and a half baths...
 Little hard to see since the wood is kind of grey, but that is the form for the front door threshold.  Note, they will pull the wire mesh up into the concrete as they pour it. There was no reinforcement in the old slab.
 From the garage door into the kitchen.
 Got rid of the appliances
 Got rid of everything else.   The window you see will stay about that height, but get a lot wider. More or less where the wall is will become the sink, cook top, and a counter.
 Standing in the kitchen looking through the wall that will become a counter into the (blue) space that will become the (spacious) master bedroom.  The wall that crosses the picture in the mid-ground is where Ann kept finding bird skeletons.
 The sliding glass door will get blocked in. The new back door will go about where the yellow ends and that brown stripe down the wall.
 Ann in the kitchen for scale.
 We ran out of gas before we got to these rafters.
 New kitchen sink drain.
 This is a little further back toward the corner of the living room. Just love the sky in this whole series.  Boy is it hot though. These were taken at about 11.00 and all the block and concrete was just absorbing the heat...
 From the door to the garage towards the bathrooms.  This wall will go away with the roof and not be replaced.  Bathrooms will begin about where the door with the brooms leaning near by is.
 Little further down the living room wall, but what a view.
 Get a lot more light now.  The trenches for the new drains.
 Drains and vents installed. Note the sunseted lines.  At the very end of the run you can see the 10 foot high line filled with water to pressure test.
 From the back door looking toward the front door. Started out as an even smaller bedroom than the to-be guest room/study.  The kitchen counter will be to the right, the master bedroom will be to the left and where the door is will be kind of a hallway. Hallways have no place in an 800 square foot tiny er a small house. This hallway will be where you back you stool away from the kitchen counter.
 You can at least see the front door now.
 Can now stand just about where the door will be. 
 How cool is this.  Can see the crap in the front yard from the back door.
 Still from what will be the new back door. The trench to the right is for the kitchen sink. The angle trench to the left is for the master shower drain.
 Drains and vents have been installed.
 The same back door shot, but looking into the kitchen. This is from the back door with the kitchen floor removed.
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