the Quail Manor Compound repels a Javalina family onslaught

Ok, so it's been awhile. We've been busy(ish). Get over it.

Very frequent readers may recall way back when we had a fence, but before we had gates. A (don't call me pig) javelina herd accosted the Quail Manor compound. Played soccer with a seed block intended for the namesake quail. Ate every succulent they could find. And they found a lot. Pissed off her sweetness big time.

Then we put up the gates. Closing the barn door after the cows left kind of thing.

Fast forward to today. BTW, her sweetness her own self is "helping" me "write" today's muse. Kind of like when I "help" her in the kitchen. No fights yet, but some bickering. Back to the main plot line. Today, her sweetness throws a hose over the back wall to water some palms D of DnT planted in the easement last trip. To then access the hose, she has to go out front around the wall and then back like we are going up "A" Mountain, which interesting enough we did this morning with Louise and JP who last minute flew into Tucson for an "adult spring break". If you've visited, you know the route.

So back she goes. And "what to my wondering eyes did appear but a hunkered down javelina in the shade of the wall" (she dictated that part, hence the point of view change). I am sitting at the desk working on my next enhancement that will apply double the water volume to our misting system, facilitate controlling the misting system from my phone, and fix a leak from a faulty valve installed way back when by Bob the Plumber but not discovered as faulty until the recent installation of the misters. So I'm sitting at the desk and see her scrambling up the driveway arms a waving.

She shouts on the way by that there are javelina behind the wall. I look for the camera, and settle for the phone and follow her out.

Turns out a whole freaking family has taken residence behind DnT's fence. We saw at least 4 adults and 2 babies. Sweetie reports the babies look days old. No more than one or two.

I'm thinking video is the way to go and start shooting. Once again I prove we need a teenage girl on-hand just to take care of shooting videos. I suck at it.

Blow that up and watch VERY carefully. The javelina look like nothing. I'm guessing as intended. They blend into the shade and scrub like nothing is there. Also if you turn the sound WAY up you can kind of hear them snorting. And me fussing as I'm down there in flip flops trying to video and not step on something valuable to D, but less valuable to ME having spines in my feet! The javelina tend to be at the bottom of the frame under the scrub. Did I mention it is like 100 degrees? Javelina are pretty clever.

Here is another longer one to test your patience.

In this one we keep trying to get a shot of mom and baby. She is way back under a palo verde. The baby looks like shade. Much more brown than the big'ns.

 Here is a snap.

Sadly. The palms saw no water today...

In other news.

It looks like we are going to be dove parents again.

Cistern Cam pulls double duty as Dove Cam.

Cistern Cam pulls double duty as Dove Cam.

We're pretty sure that is an egg in there. Not sure if there are more. Research suggests they usually lay one or two eggs. One in the evening and one the next morning. The boy works days sitting on the nest and mom works nights. 14 to 16 days is the gestation. If that is in fact an egg, we are now 9 days into the process. Will report back as things progress.

There was a nest her last year as well, but don't know if anything came of it. They started construction on a brutally windy day and it blew down. So your musist being the problem solver ever in search of a project mounted an old lunch meat container with velcro (of course) to the cable box. I threw in the sticks that were on the ground and within minutes the doves were back at it. Took a couple of days to build that bad boy up. We had another nest out front that produced two chicks. As your musist types he sees the remnants, but no occupants this season.