Two trips. The emergency room. Tucson in a U-Haul

After the good old days flight to Denver, SWITBO had winterize The Yard Mahal assignments. Principle assignment for me is to drain and cover the fountains. We've gotten the process down pretty much to a science so I should be able to do that and finish in time to watch the Broncos game. 

It did not come to pass.

Had a brain storm to refine the process for the basin fountain at the back door. Getting the pottery part of the fountain out of the basin has always been a problem. Awkward to reach. Heavy. Always ends up dragging on the edge of the basin. On Ann's end of course. Use a piece of cardboard to cover the edge to limit damage.

Well, your musist had a brain storm to refine the process. Split some heavy 2 inch plastic tubing to put over the edge. Perfect. And way more civilized than some random cardboard scrap. So I go to using my razor knife to split about 2 feet of tubing. Done it many times on shorter pieces. Approach should be solid for a longer piece. Right.

Next thing you know there is slippage. Followed by a blood geyser. SWITBO rushes over to protect her deck and fountain from collateral damage. Your musist is left steming the geyser in his left index finger with his right hand. 

Direct pressure is not working at all. Too big a gash for a normal bandage. Blood pumps right through gauze and too wet for the tape to stick. Paper towel and zip ties to the rescue. The flow is staunched.

Leave that on for 20 minutes or so. The flow was only temporarily staunched. Repeat with elevated finger for an hour. Same result.

 We suss out that we must need professional attention. So off to the Google to find a nearby Urgent Care facility. We find several. Put on a fresh paper towel and zip ties. Align and trim the zip ties so I look tidy of course. Go to the first one. Non-existent. Google may need an update. Go to the next one, conveniently located next to the Home Depot. Logical guess there must be a fair number of injuries associated with Home Depot injuries? I think yes. Looks good. No crowd. I just might see the Broncos game after all...

They admire the highly evolved paper towel zip tie bandage. We fill out the paperwork. There is plenty of paperwork. Take it up to the lady. She says it'll be 2 to 3 hours. I reply in my best and calmest dealing with asshole airport ticket agent voice. "You MIGHT have MENTIONED that BEFORE we filled out all those FORMS." We take back the forms and head off to Rose Emergency room where we should have gone in the first place.

We are scooped into the lap of efficiency. They too admire the zip tie bandage. No forms, they have our information from the post bike wreck visit years ago when I broke left wrist and right collar bone. They actually wear headsets like at the W hotels! Comms are established. We are seated in a nice room. Here comes the doc. Yep, need stitches.

They anesthetize the whole finger. They're pumping in like a quart of stuff the consistency of Karo Syrup. Hurts like a son of a bitch. The doctor was a she, so I did not cry. But I wanted to. She said I did pretty well. For a man.

Couple of hours later I'm watching the second half of the Bronco's game with 5 new stitches and the biggest dam gauze bandage I've ever seen. They said we should replace the bandage every day. We suggested it might not look quite like their monument to bandage technology...

Ann's biggest concern was would I be able to load the U-Haul.

I could. With my index finger pointing straight out and not really contributing to the effort. But she got the work she needed. Good thing it wasn't the middle finger.

She managed the sizing and reserving of the U-Haul. Did an admirable job to say the least. Trick was to be full so things did not shift around, but not so full we couldn't get everything in there. And, we committed to bringing down a bunch of wrought iron fence that D of DnT had scavenged from the Botanic Gardens. Heavy, irregularly sized, and not terribly stable.

All those problems were addressed. The truck loading proceeded to completion. A nice tight pack. Plants on top. Good to go.

Been a while since did a U-Haul. Last time was taking stuff to Chicago when we had the condos there. Week between Christmas and New Years. Cold. Real cold. Heater in truck did not work. We found out AFTER we loaded it. THAT was a seriously unpleasant trip.

So this time we checked the Heat and Air Conditioning BEFORE leaving the lot. Looked like rain, so checked the wipers and washer fluid as well. All good.

Trip uneventful except the Colorado portion was in steady rain (the wipers got a good workout) and a surprising amount of traffic. A known amount of climbing played havoc with the U-Haul unit. Slow going until things flattened out in New Mexico. Then pretty much the speed limit the rest of the way.

A lot of noise in the U-Haul. We probably should have had hearing protection. Listening to books on tape, which aren't really on tape or any kind of physical medium any more. No Bluetooth in the truck, so used my Bluetooth speaker. Everything on max volume and we could kind of hear the narrator. And surprisingly little leg room. Ann fussed and complained the whole time she was in the passenger seat. Could not stretch out her legs. I on the other hand had plenty of leg room...

We arrive at the Quail Manor before lunch and proceed to unload. When. We. Open. The garage door. Expecting to find a finished and painted garage. What we do find is a garage floor covered in drywall mud. Drywaller scaffolding. And general mayhem. CtC is off at a convention. Pop him a text that basically says too pissed to text, call me ASAP. He calls straight away.

He talks to the drywaller boss. Drywaller boss says it is done. I beg to differ. More conversations ensue. Best I can tell, the drywaller boss has not really been to the Quail Manor recently, contrary to his protestations. His people tell him things are good. He foolishly believes them. Regular readers may remember I commented on the drywall hangers that they appear to be on the reprobates end of the construction scale with some likely incarcerations in their past. Not sure it is a gene pool I would be predisposed to take their word as a gold standard...

So, with the drywallers disgraced. CtC and Sweetie and your musist decide to just clean-up the garage and put our stuff in it. The drywallers, and unfortunately Tony the Painter (2TP) who is uninvolved with, but down wind of the drywall process, will just have to do the garage later.

Clean-up is unpleasant to begin with. Exacerbated by my anger, it was doubly unpleasant. But it got done and we start unloading. When D of DnT arrives. Good, help!

The unloading proceeds uneventfully. There is no apparent damage to anything, including the plants on top!

Here are the pictures.