A life saved. A design question. We be hav'n walls inside.

We've been busy as hell doing punch list stuff before walls get covered with drywall. Think we're good. Better be since the drywall in the house is mostly hung. 

Had a couple of inspections today. Passed. And resolved the pesky problem with Inspector Two wanting to see a long buried water supply line. That is obviously not leaking. Inspector One recognized there was no issue here and passed it... We like Inspector One better.

New 200 Amp electrical service was installed. The Quail Manor has power. Lots of it. Of course it all only goes to a temporary outlet. It's a start.

Drywall hangers are a fairly motley lot. Suspect there is some history of unfortunate incarcerations... Nice enough guys though. A humming bird apparently found it's way into the Quail Manor. Worked itself to a frazzle trying to find a way out AND avoid the drywallers. Eventually let one of the drywall guys catch it.

We put it in DnT's side yard where I frequently see or am seen, depending on perspective, by a hummingbird. For some reason I think I know hummingbirds are territorial, so knew there was some risk putting it there. But, on the other hand figured there must be something desirable about the location so the Quail Manor hummer could sort that on it's own. Went back and could not find it. So hopefully it recuperated. Or it was a snack for the cat across the street... Didn't see any feathers.

We put three sticks of the tubing on the pergola. First thing, I think the color came out well. A really good "match" for the main roof. And, looks pretty good with the pergola stain. Below is a set of pictures with two alternative overhangs over the steps into the pergola from DnT's. Will go back to a more minimal overhang once past the steps.

At question is the amount of overhang. So you don't see them, we want the tubing joints to be over a pergola rafter. To achieve this constraint, the overhang can be about 6 feet, or about 8 feet. The first series of pictures is with a 6 foot overhang. The second is with 8. I'm leaning towards 6. Seems like more interesting interplay with the roof line.

Here are the pictures. The drywall is up everywhere in the house except for some high spots. They should finish that and the garage tomorrow. Then the taping and mudding and sanding and taping and mudding and sanding, etc. commences. That will take most of next week. 2TP starts hopefully next Friday with interior painting prep. Early pictures are from yesterday. Also a couple of shots of the corbels we need for the banjo counter tops over the toilets in the bathrooms. Mount to the studs and then they drywall over them. 

Also a couple of shots of the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) we put up in the garage. If you look carefully can see the boxes we built for the main water shut-off and key storage once you get in the garage using your iPhone (or Android). Came out real nice.

Bluer drywall is the waterproof stuff they put where it might get wet. The shower/tub enclosures will be tiled to the ceiling, but we only went up 8 feet with the fancy board. Figured if it gets wet up there we have bigger problems.

My sense is the "spaces" for each room are really working exactly like we hoped. You really can see through the house. The study really does read like part of the living room. Pretty happy with how things are turning out.