"Instant" Landscaping (there are a ton of pictures, may take a while to load and/or respond)

Much came together between Thursday, 16-Oct and Sunday, 19-Oct. Much. Like dawn to dark Baton Death March much.

  • Holes for some number with a comma in it of plants were dug and then filled with an appropriate specimen. The Brain Trust found some great trees and boulders that fit right into their dry wash (I am informed it is not a ditch, but a dry wash) and berm system. Pictures don't quite capture all the nuisance, but quite impressive transformation. Ann has been an absolute planting beast. Dan helps a lot and then goes down and plants at his place. Lord knows where, but he's down there stuffing more stuff in.
  • Irrigation trenches were hand dug. Then filled with pipe. Then emitters were installed to the some number with a comma in it new plants, plus the ones already there. Wire for future landscape lighting was installed in appropriate trenches. Then all that back-filled.
  • Most importantly, the landscape timer was installed. It's a beaut. Internet connected. Of course. Looks like a Nest Thermostat, which should be installed at the Quail Manor today or tomorrow. I'll gush about that at a future time. It's called a Skydrop. Right now, since the plants are fresh, we have it set stupid to just water every 3rd day. After a month or so we'll reset it, from anywhere, for intelligent watering that factors in weather and descriptions we loaded about each zone to make it's own decisions about when and how much to water.
  • We got the pergola steel up. Not fully bolted down, but a couple in each stick. The Vasquez Family Framers (VFF) nailed (pun intended) the framing. We just spaced off the house wall and then spaced each stick and the pieces over the beam are dead straight. The gap is even all the way across. We figured we'd have to do some fudging on the spacing, but not with the VFF! Still need about 35 sticks. Will finish that after the garage is done and empty so have a place to paint. Will do the rest of the screws over the winter.

This week is about the finish coat of stucco, finishing the floors inside, laying down and compacting gravel on the driveways and courtyards, and the electrical "top out". 

Here are a ton of pictures...