Correction. We're back irrigat'n. Manually.

Somebody is not happy with Skydrop. Not happy at all. Was supposed to run Monday at 05.00. Didn't run at any time. Come to think of it, it's been in a week and change and this thing HAS NEVER EVER come on automatically. Does seem to be running fine manually. Pretty good for an internet connected state of the art device. Go to house. Go to garage wall. Press a couple of buttons to access the correct menu tell it to water all zones. In theory, can do that from the phone too, the freaking site is down so only functioning technique seems to be physically touching the device.

Somebody (else) is going to get an ear full from this somebody as soon as somebody (else) at Skydrop answers the phone. Enough.

The kitchen is going in gang busters. All good with IKEA. The peninsula is mostly done. Have some end panels to install, but that is straight forward. Bathrooms are mostly done, expect for end panels.

Managing end panel material is kind of a big deal. Bit of like how Rolls Royce cuts upholstery pieces from a bull hide. As an aside, saw something that they only use bull hides. So Googled it. Can't have a muse have inaccuracies. This link suggests bulls so no stretch marks from pregnant cows. And, from cold climates so no mosquito bites. On the internet, so it must be so. I guess fortunate for the lady cows...they get to keep their hides. The bulls are fully committed. Anyway, Rolls Royce is very careful to get everything they can out of a hide. Lasers are involved to optimize surface area usage and avoid blemishes. We don't use lasers, but we are prudent with end panel material. Can't have cut ends show either. Rolls Royce doesn't worry about end cuts. CtC is in his glory.

Does seem we need to order an extra piece. Seems end pieces did not get ordered with the bathrooms. Lots of pieces still out there, so still looking...

The tall wall is mostly up, but not permanently secured. Looks awesome. 

Knew ceiling height was going to be tight. If we had custom made everything it could not have fit better. If we had custom made everything it would have fit worse because we would have left ourselves a little wiggle room. The tall wall is made-up of a tall cabinet and a wall cabinet intended to go on top of a refrigerator. 

Way back when we designed and then ordered this stuff, the Quail Manor did not exist. Looked like it should fit. Go ahead and order it and hope.

We (meaning CtC and his nephew) put the first wall cabinet on top of the first tall cabinet. I am straw bossing from the living room. Which is not far away, it is the Quail Manor. The back of the wall cabinet fits into the joint between the wall and ceiling like a Rolls Royce door fits into the car body. Nothing to trim. Nothing to fill. Nothing to adjust. Perfect.


Today CtC is off installing grab bars for his mother. Mike is supposed to be over and we will start building and installing drawers and doors. Hope to get the peninsula and bathrooms done. Expect it to be tedious but not too hard. Will report later on how reality meets expectations...

Did encounter our first IKEA glitch. Called at 0 dark thirty to schedule the counter top folks. They are very nice, but can't find our order. Did not sound like this is the first time this has happened so decided to let it ride until mid day and then raise hell. Mid day arrives and no call back. Head down to the construction office to escalate. Pick-up the phone. It rings. No need to escalate. It's handled. Only problem is it'll be a week before they get here to measure and then up to two weeks to install. 

Ordered closets, but not from IKEA as anticipated. Started with IKEA design software. Took a trip to Home Depot. Not all that happy. Take to Google. Found Easy Closets. Great design software. Great reviews. Iterate design with SWITBO. Call for adult review at Easy Closets. Minor tweaks to improve. Order Done. Less money than IKEA or what CtC said it would cost to hand build.

They come next Monday.

Started playing around with living room furniture. Back to IKEA. Back to Google. Tried all manner of sectionals and just too big. Arrived at four leather chairs. Leather since much easier to clean than fabric. Potential for cat claw issues, but still uncertain how much time the cats will spend down here. Something about flees that we don't have in Denver. Mimi has spoken...

IKEA has some interesting gray leather ones that we need to go test sit. Actually more expensive than American Furniture Warehouse. Didn't think that was possible... No intention to put heirloom furniture in the Quail Manor. Pretty sure the leather came from bovines that may or may not have calved, had mosquito bites, suffered from barbed wire cuts, maybe been in a few knife fights. Pretty sure these hides did not pass through a Rolls Royce inspection.

Some pictures of life sized cardboard placeholders in the pictures. Now need to sort bed frame for master bedroom. Mattress will be the same was we just recently bought for Denver. Frame likely to be an IKEA special. Mom and Dad said they have what amounts to a heirloom frame stuck away somewhere that if I remember right could be perfect. They're sending dimensions...

Had another encounter with a barrio local. Drive by. Nice car. Clean, regulation height and everything. Give him a wave. Stops and comes up with his son. Turns out lives behind DnT. Thinking about fixing up his place. Had a couple of these now. In each case, the folks look like they can afford it too. The barrio may be coming up. Told CtC he can become the official contractor to the barrio! Anyway, he's an exec with Fry's which is part of the Krogers, King Soopers chain (told him I've been doing Safeway so he shunned me). Conversation of course turned to neighborhood security. Seems the 300-400 pound el jefe down the hill, that we gave the scrap steel to way back in the demolition phase,  is the king pin. Anybody coming in here goes by his house. He knows. Things get managed. Wonder if we should tip him like a door man at Christmas? May just piss him off. Don't want that.

Talked with Al up the hill about Halloween. We have fresh paint don't you know. Seems no history of trick-or-treaters or pranks. So, feel better.

Here are pictures.