Get'n Kitcheny

Multiple calls to my friends at Skydrop. Was civil but firm. Got engineers involved. They never did admit the site was down overnight. But finally got in. Ran the thing manually again. Worked fine that way.

They were surprised we were not using "smart watering". Which may be our underlying problem. Right now with new plants we need to water whether the system thinks we need to or not. Think they get it. New update going down tonight and we'll see what happens on Thursday when scheduled to water again.

As suspected, they started selling into the marketplace 6 weeks ago. Explains pretty much everything...

Got the guts of the kitchen assembled and installed. Need to align drawers and doors. That part looks pretty straight forward. Again, quite impressed with the IKEA stuff. We learned along about the last drawer that we had been installing the narrow drawer faces upside down. Have to pull them off, which we know how to do now, and reinstall the rails an inch lower. A pain, but will do tomorrow.

Left the top drawers out of the bathroom cabinets since these will have to be modified for the sink. Have to think that through since the drawers are metal. Fronts are "wood", MDF actually, but the drawer itself is metal. Guess I knew that, but may make things harder to modify than if wood. Tomorrows problem...

Solar panels went up today. Pretty tiny installation. Can see them from DnT's driveway, but not from the street.

I'm off to Shangri La tonight and tomorrow night. Dad was flying out in his airplane. Had me book a room. Knew it was risky, but short interval so pretty safe. Rates were good, so went with Arizona Inn. Been wanting to see it. Supposed to be quite a place. He ran into unexpected weather. Went home. I (unknowingly) booked inside the cancellation period, so while probably could have whined my way into a cancellation, I thought I'll bet they have real beds...I'll use the reservation!

Here are pictures.