No more futons for bonzo.

The Arizona Inn is everything it's purported to be. This is one happy camper.

Shower with all the hot water I could dream of. Lots of room. No evidence of anything that crawled up into the tub to join me. A robe was provided.

Then down to a great dinner of Chilean Sea Bass and risotto. Didn't suck. Nor did the martini. Served in a smallish glass. With a twist of course. Who needs olives. The remaining martini was in a flask that was itself in a bowl with ice. Everything stayed appropriately cold. VERY civilized. Local (if Wilcox is local) tomato gazpacho to start. It too served in a bowl that was itself in a larger bowl of ice. Nested bowls with ice was kind of a theme. Then desert of macaroons and creme brulee. 

Then up to a king sized bed. Dead quiet. Asleep by 21.00. Slept straight through to 04.30.

Only way it could have been better was Sweetie in attendance. He shoots he scores. Kind of blatant, but I need the points.

Then back to the barrio.

Will repeat process tonight but probably less formal dining. I noticed a very nice outdoor dining off the central plaza and yard. Try that tonight.

Interesting thing is the view out my room window is the same view as the parking lot for the Home Depot I like. Not a slight on the Arizona Inn. It's a great view. But a damn crazy location for a Home Depot parking lot. Waste for sure!

Today we finished emptying the garage. The trundle bed found it's way down to DnT's. Tomorrow night I do the trundle. Tonight back to Shangri-La! But no more futon for this Bonzo. Nope, no more.

Tall wall with all the doors and drawers and most of the filler and cover panels is absolutely awesome. Better than could have been hoped. Compelling architecturally, but not overwhelming. Not surprised by the first, what hoping for the latter. Lots of pictures with cabinets open and closed.

Need to finish the cover panel up high on the end of the tall wall cabinet run. We knew we could not cover it in one piece. IKEA has not planned for a 10 foot high cabinet run. So we have known forever we have a seam to deal with. CtC to the rescue. We don't hide the seam. We celebrate it. A trick we also learned from Mr. Mike our Landscape Architect/Designer and Jake (the Architect). There is a close-up of the detail in process in the picture set. What we are doing is inserting a piece of trim cut from toe kick (of which we have a shocking amount we don't really need) on edge. So the trim is the thickness of the toe kick and stands clear of the cover panel about an eighth of an inch to create a shadow line. The second piece of cover panel will be cut to match the slope of the ceiling. We will use some more toe kick as crown molding to fill between the front of the cabinets and the ceiling along the cabinet run.

Tomorrow the drywall guys return to finish the garage. 2TP (the painter) returns on Monday to finish painting the garage, doors, trim, bubus, etc. Tomorrow also, the tile guys say they will set the tile in both bathrooms.

Here are the pictures.