Let's Play Jeopardy

The categories: Why, Aptly Used References, and How Recover

In the category: Why

The $100 answer is: Your Musist

The correct question?: Who got seriously busy. Not just straw boss'n with some time to ponder, hands-on oh shit that needs to be done too? busy.

In the category: Aptly Used References

The Double Jeopardy answer is: That one's Excalibur.

.The correct question? Something you would not in million years ever expect to hear from an English as a second language day laborer when the other English as a second language day laborer can't pull a wood spacer from the stack of recently painted steel tubing we were moving to the top of the pergola.

In the category: How Recover

The $100 answer: Catch-up Muses

The correct question? How are we, the faithful the Quail Manor readers, to know just what the hell has been going on at the Quail Manor. Alex?

In a nut shell. The evening of 3-Oct-14, a technical failure (couldn't have been me right?!) resulted in a failed save of a quite promising muse regarding the day laborers. I was tired and figured I'd just re-write it the next day. By the way, your musist is saving this bad boy about every sentence.

Then the next day I was still pissed about the failed save thing. And I had to meet with The Irrigation Guy (henceforth TIG), who was excellent by the way. He was referred by a Landscape Architect Friend (henceforth LAF) of DnT.  Those are some sweet monikers, TIG (kind of like welding) and LAF (like funny). They both figure prominently in future posts so I'll leave it at that.

Then I had to clean DnTs since D would be here about the same time SWITBO and I returned. I usually keep things squared away, but SWITBO indicated I had better BE SURE things were as she would expect them to be for D's return. That took some time. Then off to the airport to return to Denver.

Long-term knowers of this musist know my flying history. Big percentage of my adult life spent in shitty airports dealing with shitty airport people being stuffed into shitty airplanes (admittedly that got better towards the end of the career when if I couldn't fly first class I just didn't go). I suspect the shitty air travel theme is established. Further, long-term knowers of this musist know that in retirement I would rather drive 3 days then go to the airport. So for logistical reasons, against my better judgement, I am going to leave my beloved Volvo (of the buttery soft leather seats) in Tucson, fly to Denver, have my annual physical, winterize the parts of The Yard Mahal that Ann doesn't, load a U-Haul (of the rigid vinyl seats and no sound deadening, absolutely none, pretty sure we have a hearing loss) and drive it to Tucson (with my beloved SWITBO).

So, call a cab. A colorful, English as a FIRST language, driver arrives, early, I do love Tucson. At the airport 90 minutes early. No worries. Just got the new Jack Reacher book. I go to reading. We get on the plane. It's Southwest. I waited too long to get a boarding pass. I'm lining up, in numerical order, with the unwashed masses. Bonds are forged. The unwashed are actually pretty friendly. Beats the hell out of the war zone that is O'hare. Things workout well enough, I get a window seat. And promptly fall asleep. Seems flying is like riding a bike. Once you learn how, it all works. Later I awake. We're still on the ground. The pilot announces he can't get one of the engines to start.

Two responses. FFFFFFuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk. And, this is just funny. First time on a plane in at least 3 years and the freaking engine won't start. Couple next too me are fretting they have a connection in Denver. I start chatting with the couple. Factoring in my life experience I figure dead engine, an outpost airport, if Southwest treats us anything like my beloved United Airlines. We're fucked. Best possible case, to the point of even being ridiculous to consider is we have at least 2 hours. Most likely scenario cancel the flight and fend for yourself on already full flights in the coming days. To Southwest's credit, they came on the squawk box right away and said you're screwed. None of the connections are going to work. 

Then I come to find out Ann has made dinner. That I'm going to miss. If you fly for a living you know the next step. Do something to get in the air. This is not going to improve. So, look at alternate flights, any airline, any cost. Nothing. Like I said, this is an outpost airport. How about a one-way rental car. Promising. I'll wait two hours and trigger the rental. Should have thought of that in the first place...

Two hours later we're reloading. A bit of a cluster scrum but it all works out. Door to door the flight to Denver took the same amount of time as it takes to drive to ABQ. Ann held dinner. It suffered from the delay. And I'm too old to be eating at 21.00!

Then things got hectic.

Here are pictures from the fateful muse with the failed save. You will see action shots of the drywall hangers. Who are different than the drywall tapers who will be the subject of a future scathing muse. And, shots of the trench and wall cuts for the gas line going over to the grill. And, a pile of stucco before it is stucco. And, the finished drywall.