A New Age of Accountability

This is one pissed off musist. Bound to happen. The end is in sight. The trigger? The Living Room ceiling fan.

Developed a click couple of weeks ago. Mentioned to CtC. He says he can't hear it, but those around him can. JCE (the electrician) hears it. He installed it. CtC made a mark-up since we bought it through him and long ago paid.. Been mentioning it every time they're around, focusing on the point this is somebody not me's problem to solve.

They both failed the test. Presumably they've been hoping it would go away. I pushed the issue yesterday. Got matching "not my problem" shrugs. Plus JCE is bitching since we're missing one light fixture over the grill in the pergola. CtC chimes in that he had gotten a call that it was in. We just need to pick it up. Wonder when THAT call happened. I was annoyed anyway that we had to order the fixture in the first place. It's the same cheep light fixture we are using on the front porch. You can buy them by the gross at any Home Depot or Lowe's in the land. But we're buying from a very nice lighting store. They've been very helpful with the hard stuff and once we decided to go nondiscript lighting on the front porch, these are no thought fixtures anyway. So we buy them through CtC. So he gets a mark-up.

Now I don't begrudge the mark-up. That's how CtC makes money. And I agreed to it. Embedded in the taking of the mark-up, I THOUGHT, was a certain level of effort to make things right. Nope. CtC get's his pound of flesh. JCE get his pound of flesh putting them up. Problems are mine alone. And technically CtC is around to listen to me bitch. And bitch. And bitch. So I'm not completely alone.

Provisional Ata Boy reclassified to Ata Boy, with condition that it finishes all zones.

Provisional Ata Boy reclassified to Ata Boy, with condition that it finishes all zones.

Kind of like the irrigation timer. The irrigation guys did fine on pipe and drip emitters. Out of their league on the timer. So my problem to solve. Which just came on. All by itself. As scheduled. Very cool.

So, back to the not my problem shrug (henceforth NMPS). BS as far as I'm concerned. But I'm a big boy. Downside for everybody else is I'm going to be one "accountable for your actions motherfucker" (henceforth AFYAMF). Readers who know my AFYAMF mode, I'm thinking Bunny here but there may be others, know this is not a good mode for people to find themselves in.

Off I go to pick-up the f'ing light from the store over by CtC's house. Hence my question about when he got the call that it was in. I have no order for the new stuff or receipt for the old clicking stuff. But off I go to to pick-up the light I am paying CtC a premium to provide so I can pay JCE to put it up and to solve the problem with the fan I am also paying CtC a premium to provide and have already paid JCE to put up. Can you see my confusion?

Interact with the lady at the store. Light is no problem. Is the fan installed on a sloped ceiling? Yes I respond. That clicking is pretty common and easy to fix, let me have my guy come out. Turns out "my guy" works select days of the week. He'll be in touch. Color me skeptical. I'm thinking a whole lot of these things are installed on slopping ceilings. But I'll play along. More on this as the story unfolds.

Back to JCE who's being bitchy about not all the lights on hand when he has several to install THAT ARE ON HAND plus power to all other fans (the bedroom ones are from the same company as the living room fan and also installed on sloped ceilings so probably click too), outlets in all walls not the wall between the garage and kitchen (we are tripping over extension cords strung all over the place and all plugged into the same couple of outlets that were convenient for JCE to power-up weeks ago), and underground wiring for which I had to install conduit last week while Haul'n Otis were waiting to do their thing. For reasons I have yet to understand, Jason was not required (or held accountable) for installing conduits for his courtyard wiring that has been on plans dating back to May before we had ever heard of JCE.

JCE and CtC have some kind of relationship. JCE is eccentric to say the least, but seems to do good work. He was unreliable as hell as we were getting to the point of planning the electrical for the house. I suggested to CtC that he really did not want the work and we should find someone who did. CtC encouraged me to stay the course. In retrospect I should have gone with my gut. Now I am stuck with JCE. Seems JCE is in the habit of showing up when he wants. Doing what he wants. Until he no longer wants to do whatever it is that he decided he wanted to do in the first place. I understand he is eccentric so I'll try to go along. I shouldn't have.

After I've left the lighting store. With the light fixture. CtC calls. JCE has offered to put up a new fan if necessary (what a guy) and JCE made this offer as he was leaving the Quail Manor. Wait a minute. Wait one f'ing minute. JCE called unexpectedly at 10.00 to say he was going to grace us with his presence. He'd not been here since a couple of hours on Monday and no further contact. He shows-up. A little while later his minions do the same. Now his minions are no brain trust but they seem to do what they are told. It's now noon and he's off again, but leaving his minions. 

I return even more pissed than when I left. The minions are installing light fixtures and leaving a trail of trash. One minion wants to get on the roof, don't know why, there's nothing to do up there. Wants to know how you get on the roof. I tell him you get a ladder and go over there and lean it on the roof and climb the ladder. He want's to know if I have a ladder. Well yes I do, you moved the f'ing ladder two seconds ago to put up the light fixture. He disappears. 

A little while later I overhear them telling CtC that they too are off. It's now like 13.30. I finish what I am doing and confirm they have in fact departed the scene. No explanation of what is now working, just gone. Now, with the exception of the drywallers who have already suffered my wrath, every single subcontractor that has been to the Quail Manor has left the Quail Manor as clean as they found it. Not the JCE electricians.

Every single time those people have been here, your musist has followed in their wake picking up boxes (that frequently have parts they deem unnecessary left in them). I've learned it's best to pilfer through the boxes. So yesterday is no exception. I start bitching and picking up boxes to put in the trash trailer that is conveniently located so EVERY SINGLE SUBCONTRACTOR HAS BEEN ABLE TO FIND IT. Except the electricians.

Come across a box. Pilfer a little. Start finding parts that I happen to know the value of. Your musist is at this point beyond pissed and into full blown AFYAMF. CtC is now going to suffer wrath for JCE. He's been covering for JCE so now he suffers for JCE. I explain that the Drywallers were bad, but probably excusable since not very smart. JCE is smart enough. He on the other-hand is willfully being disrespectful. Certainly to me, but mostly to CtC he's the one that is covering for him.

I hold the box out for CtC to examine with me. Oh, here is an unopened "in-use cover" to weatherproof an outside outlet. JCE uses very nice in-use covers (as befits the Quail Manor). I know well that an in-use cover from the Home Depot that is no where near as nice is damned expensive. This is the the trash box. But there's more. I rifle around and come out with a freaking GFI outlet. Anybody out there priced a GFI outlet. Lucky if you can get under $20. It's unopened in a box stacked up in a jumble of electrician trash. Your musist is now over the mood in AFYAMF mode.

We have a new rule for JCE. The guy paying the freight want's 24 hours notice before JCE or any of his minions sets foot in the Quail Manor. AND, the guy paying the freight will have in his possession a list of just what JCE and his minions hope to accomplish during their visit. Those two conditions not met, the guy paying the freight instructs JCE to vacate the premises. And give him my own NMPS. And, pick-up your own damned trash just like everybody else.

CtC understands, and I'm under the impression is in complete agreement with, the new JCE rule and left here, I think, pretty pissed off with JCE. Said was going to lay into him pretty good. Did not enjoy suffering the wrath of a full blown AFYAMF.

After everyone is gone, I hook-up the garage door controls. I guess JCE only works with line voltage. Front garage door works, but is a bit noisy. Back door grinds and then the motor stops. Now that I understand how things work with accountability for fixing problems with installed things, I'll call the garage door folks on Monday.

Meanwhile. CtC and SMM were busy installing door moldings. The closets turned out to be a bitch. Kind of a drywaller issue. The frames for the closet doors were ordered with full caseings so the bypass doors bump into wood rather than drywall on the edges of the opening. Rather than have special cases for the drywallers, CtC let (or had) them finish the openings with drywall. We'd remove it when came time to set the doors. 

I've no idea how many hours have been invested in installing all the corner bead, drywall and drywall mud to finish the openings in drywall and then how many hours have been invested in removing all the corner bead, drywall and drywall bead so we can install the provided closet door frames. Most of a day for CtC and SMM and not done yet.

That said, moldings look good.

As has been commented on in previous muses, not a lot of wall space in the Quail Manor for switches and outlets. And what wall space there is is frequently occupied by a whole lot of framing lovingly installed by the Vasquez Family Framers. So, switches and outlets are frequently where they have to be rather than where we would prefer them to be.

In most instances so far, the door molding has just (and I mean just) cleared the cover plate. One instance where we had to mold around a switch plate.

And, your musist, when not in AFYAMF mode, started worrying cabinet door handles. CtC had a neat template for installing cabinet door handles. The door handles we have chosen are real simple and about 5 inches long. The template is good up to about 4 inches long. So need new templates. First need to sort how best to orient them.

The peninsula run is standard base cabinets and lots of pictures to review about how to treat things. The tall wall is a different matter entirely. The highest cabinets are really intended to go over a refrigerator. Lots of examples how to treat those. Now for the tall base cabinets. I go all over the IKEA site. Not a single picture I could find in their galleries about how to deal with these cabinets. The rails on the doors kind of line-up, but not exactly since some rails are top rails and some are more middle of door rails. Head scratching. 

A pattern emerges. The cabinets on either side of the refrigerator have big drawers at the bottom and then big doors that go to the top. The cabinets at the wall with the window in it are big doors at the bottom with smaller doors above. BUT, the big doors are the same, only flipped. So, where the handle usually starts at the middle of a horizontal rail and goes down. On the window wall end, if the handle starts at the middle of a rail but goes UP, it will align perfectly with the rest of the run.

Problem solved. CtC sets to manufacturing a beautiful set of custom templates. I apply tape to each door and drawer to indicate where each handle goes and it's orientation. In the pictures the clean edges of the tape are parallel to how the handle will run. I think it will work. Of course, fraught with peril. Each time I drill, I've committed the door. Lots of holes to drill. Wish me luck. Now that we have entered AFYAMF, I too am subject...

Here are some pictures related to cabinet door handles. Some with my hand for scale, and to show the orientation on a class of door/drawer categories. Note the blue tape X. NO HANDLE HERE!

Here are the other pictures. Note some action shots of CtC and SMM. Also a new character, David the Welder (henceforth DTW) as he starts laying out the fences. Also some shots of JCE's handy work. After I cleaned up. Also some finished shots of the tile work. Hard to get decent pictures in the bathrooms. For one, they're tiny. For another there are no freaking working lights!