Wrapping things up

If IKEA and their schlock counter top installers could get their act together we could finish the Quail Manor this week. As it stands, we'll finish everything not counter top dependent and my battle for counter tops rages on.

Called the schlocks yesterday morning. Got someone who has seen the words customer and service in the same sentence. I think possibly even together. Or, she was strong with the force and willy in her ways. She said the lady who was responsible was not in yet and that she was sending e-mails now. If I did not hear today (now yesterday) call her back. Called back at 15.00 and no answer. Will make an 07.00 call this morning. One of three possible scenarios:

  1. They've concluded their audit and we are on the schedule.
  2. They are still contemplating their navels. From which there are two subscenarios:
    1. I cancel the order, get a refund and start over with a more responsible local installer.
    2. I take a trip to Phoenix and rattle some cages in person.

More tomorrow. But, don't every buy counter tops from IKEA. Ever.

Meanwhile. Good day at the Quail Manor.

  • Got half the closet doors up. They look spectacular. The guest/study doors are up. From the living room, the closet doors look like they are framed by the barn door opening. Which is what we were hoping. And looks magnificent. To this musist anyway.
  • Got the pocket doors trimmed out. I must say, the hardware on both door types is quite good. Zero friction. Silent.
  • T2P (the newly monikered precision painter) is painting away. Puttying, caulking, priming, painting, fussing about the poor coverage of the (what we now know to be) pigmentless pure white paint. Listening to Rush Limbaugh and whom ever comes before and after on conservative radio. 
  • Trimmed out the network and Video distribution. Moved the WiFi from DnTs up to a beautiful shelf CtC installed on high in the Quail Manor garage.
    • Figured would have good coverage all over the barrio. Forgot to account for the attenuation resulting from the chicken wire that holds up the stucco which surrounds the Quail Manor and the metal roof and solar cells that cap it. 
    • Things are grim down here at DnTs. Need to see what kind of coverage we have on the Quail Manor Grounds and sort a workable solution. There are approaches.
    • And, none, like none of the wired connections they terminated work. Works fine up on the switches and blinky light things up on CtCs shelf that the new wires connect to, but not at all down where it would be useful. 
    • The fact that none work makes me suspect a termination issue. There are two ways to terminate an ethernet connection. T568A and T568B. As I understand things A is the perfered standard. But I wonder... They're back out today to sort.
    • Got an invoice e-mail as they guys were backing out the driveway. Now that's a billing system. Trouble is it does not work and there remains a control panel that needs to be installed. Their billing may be efficient, but perhaps ill advised?
  • The Quail Manor has an official address. Went with a Mid Century Modern type face from a supplier I found on-line. Came to find out it was a Tucson company, after the USPS screwed up the delivery. But we have them.
    • The numbers are individual and spacing is proportional, so installation could be interesting.
    • But look here. A template that shows where to drill the holes.
    • SMM (CtC's nephew) has shown a real aptitude for details. He gets the assignment. Positioning required myself, CtC and SMM as we decided if the one should be 6 inches from each edge of the wall or 6.5 inches from each edge. We finally sorted.
    • Then we needed epoxy. These things aren't going anywhere. Started to make yet another trip to Home Depot. Then thought I have some JB Weld left over from fixing the grey water valve controller. That's like an epoxy, like exactly. It says for plastic on the cover which concerns SMM, but careful reading says it'll work on pretty much any material. I kind of suspect there is only one type of JB Weld but different packaging to make us think we are getting just the right thing.
    • SMM's a hero, looks very nice. The holes he drilled into concrete block are more precise than the holes I drilled for installing the cabinet pulls. The numbers set the tone for the Quail Manor. In the barrio a can of spray paint and minimal graffiti skills are usually all that is necessary to add a house number.
  • The garage doors can now be controlled in one of four ways:
    1. Use the button by the back door.
    2. Use the clicker.
    3. Use the newly installed and configured key pad. Another SMM project. Yes, it is perfectly spaced up and down and left to right and perfectly level and plumb.
    4. The internet. Required a phone call to tech support and a reset that involved more hands than are supplied with a standard issue human body. But it got installed.
    • The garage door openers are central to our access strategy. Keys to the Quail Manor will be stored in the garage and access will be provided through the remotely controlled garage doors, or knowledge of the keypad code.
  • Final door locks and handles were installed. Finally only need one key...

Here are the pics.

I forgot to mention. It took all freaking day, but I got the closets installed on Sunday. No special skills, just tedious. The instructions and build quality were top notch. Very happy with the results. Boxes were packed to optimize shipping efficiency rather than build efficiency. So had to unpack a whole lot of boxes to find the parts necessary to build any single closet. Hard to find places to put all that stuff in a little the Quail Manor...

And, DTW (the welder building the fences) is making progress. We have posts (that will outlast humanity) everywhere except the two down to DnT's. He's rebuilding his fortitude to tackle two more "A" Mountain post holes. He has all the plates aligned and installed along the less than true small retaining wall that the arbor fence will sit atop. Has the posts cut and welding has commenced. He works here every couple of days as he works a bathroom remodel elsewhere.