Keep Crossing Things of the Punch List

Got a bunch of things that have been in progress done. 

Micrometer Bob arrived to do the plumbing top out that could be done without counter tops. Got the master bath toilet set. Then announced he could not do the guest since the flange was too close to the wall. I was joined by CtC. I explained in clear terms and a calm voice that announcing that the toilet would not fit was unacceptable. You've already had two tries and making it right. The second one cost me thousands and floors that will forever be mismatched.

CtC is working the problem. I'm remaining calm. But putting yet another rant in the chamber. Micrometer Bob has officially lost his moniker. Henceforth, he will be returned to just Bob the Plumber. I've lost my patience with measurement issues.

Meanwhile. T2P applied 2 gallons of white paint to doors. I'm guessing we have a minimum of 2 gallons more to do. Of particular interest is he went to use an outlet. An outlet certified to be good to go by my parody of an electrician JCSLE.

Heard a pop somewhere behind him and the outlet did not work. Will I never be rid of JCSLE? We're working the problem. I'm remaining calm. But putting yet another rant in the chamber.

The solar guys "commissioned" the solar system. Not sure what that exactly means. But got a bunch of new electronics hanging from the wall in the garage. I don't think we are on-line yet since we need a meter from the Electric Company and a final electrical inspection on the Quail Manor.

Meanwhile, DTW was installing posts along the "arbor wall" between us and DnT's. Looking good. Got as far as the door frame we are installing to indicate a gate. May get to installing the mesh in the next several days...

Meanwhile, I installed a cheap second WiFi router on the south wall. Installed is a loose usage of the word. I set it on a meter box and plugged everything in. No joy down at DnTs. Seems cheap equates to poor signal strength. It's got no punch. So I retired it. Seems SMM needs one, so I gifted it to him. Interestingly, in the process, the production the Quail Manor WiFi router, which does pack a punch, must have gotten a little worried when it saw the new kid on the block. Been getting 4 bars since the arrival of the new kid. If that holds, no need to do anything...

Here are the pictures.