Need More Blue Paint

T2P got busy with blue yesterday. Put a gallon on the barn doors. Needs some more. Have pictures of the end-product in the picture section. Doors open. Doors closed. Looks pretty good.

Meanwhile. Went with CtC on an errand run that ended-up taking enough of the day that not must else happened.

  • Dropped the angle iron for the barn door bottom track at the fabricators to add tabs. May get it back on Monday.
  • Picked-up CtC's scaffolding to protect Ann's plants when the Tree Whisperer does his thing on Monday. We'll set it up around the tree as a work platform and to deflect branches as they rain down upon the plantings from her last visit.
    • While at his place, examined the "Great Wall" they just built. CtC backs-up onto one of the Tucson "rivers". The trail system will get out there at some point and they want security. The back wall at the Quail Manor is as tall as the law allows, without special engineering. CtC's wall has all the special engineering and goes to the moon. And instead of using cinder blocks, they used block that I'm sure has a special name, but looks like adobe to me. Good looking wall. There's enough rebar and grout in the thing that it would probably have been cheaper to just pour a concrete wall!
  • Then off to Home Depot to get cheap assed cabinets for the garage. And got a pre-made counter top. 
  • Then back to the Quail Manor to dry fit the cabinets and measure the counter top so we could have it cut while we were at The Handyman's Haven.
    • Yep, it's a real place. Mystery to me how they stay in business. A good source for Formica. Apparently they do counter tops and have a big ole radial arm saw that will cut the top in one pass. CtC has a relationship so they cut his (technically, our) top that we bought at Home Depot...
    • At some point along the way we decided to cover the kitchen peninsula wall where the stools will be with Formica. It's going to get kicked, may as well make it easy to clean. I found some Formica (technically I think it's Wilsonart or some such, but basically Formica) that matches the wall paint pretty well. Need a longer sheet than normal, so special order.
    • True to Tucson form, several weeks later the wrong stuff came in. A week later we are assured the right stuff came in. Go to the store. Open a box, not the right stuff. Paperwork and worried faces. We find our sheet must be buried down in the box, we just can't see it. Turns out is was.
  • Then off to Ace to get some parts to install the kitchen exhaust fan. Not-with-standing it's name, The Handyman's Haven really doesn't carry all that much a handyman needs unless it is Formica or prehung doors or midgrade cabinets.
  • By this point it's Friday afternoon, we're knackered and not about to start anything that requires thought.

All though the day T2P applies paint. Figures may be done done on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday.

Punch list is getting pretty short. Here's a link for the interested.

Here are the pictures.