Been awhile.

Quick post while wait for DnTs hot water to recharge. We are off to the Arizona Inn for dinner with CtC and Mrs. CtC. Ann is now clean, so I muse whilst the hot water heater does it's thing. Won't have this kind of problem at the Quail Manor. Have 80 gallons to play with. I think after soldering through the Tucson water environment for who knows how long, DnT's hot water heater's capacity is closer to a couple of quarts.

  • SWITBO has arrived and blessed progress. 
  • Went furniture shopping. Killed a day. Decided to go back to IKEA. Mass market furniture is crap. Good furniture is breathtakingly expensive. IKEA is good enough...
  • Went fountain shopping. Proud owners of two fountains. Got delivered today. As usual look better in person than the pictures. 
    • The pergola gets a blue porcelain type fountain that has shades of the doors and some green like the stucco. Cool thing is the basin. Designed to be buried under rocks, which will happen tomorrow. Very sturdy and well thought-out. And of course expensive, but solves a problem. Makes a real nice noise.
    • The front courtyard gets a more traditional cast faux stone dude. Some confusion so the pump and internals did not get delivered so will set that up tomorrow. Made a real nice noise at the store.
  • The Tree Whisperer came, did his thing, and left like the wind. Little rocky on the start-up. Did not show. Called him. Truck problems. Was going to blow us off. Explained SWITBOs presence, I think that was enough, and that we had set-up scaffolding to shield all the tender plants.
    • He got the truck sorted and arrived around lunch time. Did his thing.
    • He would look and bond with the tree for what seemed like a very long time. Then go cut. Repeat until done.
    • Ann very happy with result. Which means I'm happy even though it's still a dead tree...
    • The Tree Whisperer was quite impressive in his skill. There was zero, nada, no collateral damage. He dropped every one of the limbs exactly where he wanted them, or at least where they did no damage.
  • Which is more than I can say for the Rainwater Harvesting folks. They used a huge trench digger that actually did a much better job than I expected. There was some jack hammer work, but not too bad.
    • They cut the main lines coming out from the house for the irrigation, the low voltage lighting, and the line running out to the hose bib on the back wall. Acknowledged their error. Hard not to.
    • There were some more minor cuts out in the vicinity of the dead tree.
    • Will buy parts and repair damage. Have three broken irrigation lines. Will have to figure out one on the left side of the trench goes with the one on the right side of the trench. Bob the Plumber will have to take care of the line to the hose bib.
    • Tomorrow install the lines running out to the cistern that is not here. Seems to be some challenges with the vendor... Any rain we get will be inconsequential until next summer anyway, so not that big a deal.
    • When they started to shoot levels and account for line friction of the PVC going out there, turns out the cistern needs to be about a foot lower than it is. Decided to just put the overflow a foot down from where originally designed and forgo 400 or 500 gallons of capacity. The overflow goes into the dry wash, so we still capture it anyway, just not in a tank.
  • DTW continues with the fence. Been struggling to find the 2 inch square mesh in efficient sheet sizes. Decided to get 4 inch square and then offset so end-up with 2 inch squares. He has a lot of the horizontal structure in now, so making progress.
  • Received and painted the last 35 sticks of pergola steel. Will put the full sticks up tomorrow and do cutting on Thursday so the pergola should be done.
  • Moved the cable from DnTs up to the Quail Manor. Took way too many phone calls and had to flog the installer to do his job, but in the end we have cable installed at the Quail Manor.
    • Created the Quail Manor demarks for cable and telephone so everything nice and tidy. Careful observation of the pictures will note there is one piece of coax passing through the cover of the cable demark. That is the temporary antenna lead running to the TV we have over at DnT's until we move up to the Quail Manor.

Here are pictures.

  • Note Ann found worms/caterpillars on one of the citrus trees. They have been photographed and terminated. Research will ensue.
  • Careful observers will note a Quail statue has come to reside at the Quail Manor. Not sure yet how the real Quails feel about it...
  • There are also a few shots of the trash barrel corral Ann built so the trash and recycling have a level spot to live that is not in front of the house. 
  • Also a shot of the hole we have cut where where the living room TV will be installed. The articulating mount will tuck into the hole, that CtC will finish so look pretty. Idea is by tucking the mount into the wall, the TV will sit flush with the wall, OR, be able to be pulled out and turned for better viewing throughout the Quail Manor living space.
    • We're working on getting all the electrical and network hook-ups in the hole too so very flush and custom. As, of course, befits the Quail Manor.