Could Prayer Work?

That's a little deeper than I like my muse titles, but seemed apt.

The counter top guys were supposed to arrive around 08.00. At 10.00, still no counter top guys. Nor any communication. I start polishing the counter top rant I had in the chamber.

About this time my ever present phone makes an arriving e-mail whoosh. Wondered if that could be IKEA or the schlock's. So I looked.

Mom has read the muse about counter tops being promised. Put a comment in the muse. I get an e-mail with comments. She did what she does. Put the call out to her Sunday School class to set into praying for the counter tops to arrive and be right. There is also the goodwill of the Reverend and his ecumenical communication with Sister Murray in the afterlife. He's suggested more than once she is favorably observing progress from on-high.

Unknown if any of that affected the outcome, but about that time the counter top guy calls to say they are 30 minutes out. Sounds like another gangster. I keep the rant in the chamber.

They arrive and indeed look less like gangsters than the last set. At least no gold chains and the truck looks like a work truck. They come in with scowls and wrap-around sun glasses to do a walk around. I fear the worst.

We pass the walk-around.

Way before any measuring or it seems appropriate, out comes a saw. You may have heard me bellowing for CtC to get in their pronto. CtC comes a sprinting. We slow them the f down and discuss the impending cuts. CtC concurs and the cutting commences. What turns out to be the head guy starts cutting. One handed. The unused hand in his pocket. Wearing his wrap-around sun glasses. Looks damned casual. Not even sure if he is looking at the saw. But the cut is perfect. Then the saw starts sparking and there is the smell of electrical arcing. I fear the worst.

Seems the assistant counter top guy has been holding and wiggling what they know to be a bad plug is one of my pristine electrical outlets. I was watching the saw. We are delayed while repairs are made. To the saw.

More perfect cuts are finished. CtC announces these guys are pretty good. I still expect the worst.

At this point counter top cutting takes place in the Quail Manor front yard. Outside the courtyard. There is a whole lota cutting. By the end, dust is absolutely everywhere. I'm glad it's outside. Ann is less glad and cleans it off all her plants, and the stucco, and the furniture, and the fountain, and the dirt. 

But. We have counter tops with holes, that fit, for the cook top and sinks in the kitchen and both bathrooms. By the end, it took every bit of 4 hours to do the install, the guys are acting quite a bit less gangster like. Every once in a while the sun glasses go up.

There is a seam about midway down the peninsula. Goes through the middle of the sink, up the back splash, and across the bar. You can tell it's there, but they did a nice job. Best I can tell, what you see is the pattern changing in the surface and then you see the seam. 

One surprise. The IKEA oven and cook top cabinet is not quite wide enough for IKEA cook top. Remains to be seen how well the oven fits. Lots of measurements and we think we have a little less than 1/8th inch clearance. That's enough, so here's hoping. CtC sent me out of the Quail Manor while he did the surgery to make the cook top fit. It is pretty ugly, but under counter top and cook top, and behind the oven, so not sure I care.


  • SWITBO was out back rebuilding the stairs down to DnT's and spreading crusher fines for walkways. Still a lot of work to do, but getting there. And, we have steps and no more concrete left-over from removing the old slab.
  • CtC built the box behind the living room TV. We did a quick install while drywall mud was drying. Looks like it's going to work real well. I have so many cables hanging that it wont fit in the wall anyway, but the dry fit was perfect.
  • SMM installed the guides at the bottom of the barn doors. Came out very nice. Glad we attached to the wall rather then punching holes in the concrete. But, created a little challenge for Mike since imperfections in the walls (or more correctly probably the drywall on the walls) required some spacers so the guides aligned with the door. Took some time to sort out so the doors slide smoothly.
  • I moved the TV and printer up from DnT's and removed the last of the coax between the two houses. So each house is back to being an independent entity.
  • We moved out of DnT's. Can't say we've moved into the Quail Manor, but think we got all our junk out of their place.
  • Ann cleaned and cleaned at DnT's.

Here are the pictures.

  • Note, there is a piece of trim missing at the end of the peninsula where the kitchen side meets the bar side. Our original intent was to use a piece of 1 X 6 white base molding. We ordered enough gray IKEA toe kick for the exhaust hood trim that CtC is going to take a look at how it would look with grey rather than white trim. Anyway, there is a piece of bare wood in the pictures that will go away.
  • In any of the TV pictures there are cables hanging. Anyone who knows this musist, even a little, knows there is no way in hell that is staying the way it is. My brother John says that I think unmanaged cables are the devils workshop. I think I do think that. The cables will get managed when we are down again after Christmas.

The muses will be getting sporadic. We got back to The Yard Mahal last night. The punch list will get cleared over the next several weeks. You can follow the link if you are interested enough to see what is left to do. As interesting developments develop I'll post my perspective. We plan to be back down there at some point after Christmas, hopefully with furniture to be delivered, to actually move in. 

At that point, I'll do a muse for sure to kind of explain the rest of the site and how to come down for a visit if you're so inclined. Or you can call. Or use your favored communication technique. We'd love to have visitors...and there are nice hotels not too far away for the moneyed or timid. The barrio does take some getting used to...

While I have access to my big and extended monitors, I'll update the timeline pictures. Been quite a while since those got updated. Should be interesting to see the changes again. Will do a muse when that gets done.

Thanks for reading!