Note from Dad. He and Mom were at the foot doc, she can (and will) have the titanium plates removed. Using the stairs under her own power much of the time I understand, so recovery seems to be complete. Maybe we can make some titanium bolts from the removed parts for my (what is now) heirloom Serotta. If you follow the link, the operative word is "was". But that is not the affirmation.

Then they went to the ear doc. Doc visits take-up plenty of calendar space. Fortunately most visits are preventional or maintenance in nature. Both Mom and Dad have taken to hearing aides in the last couple of years like ducks to water. Seems the ear doc has handles like ours in the kitchen. Unlike ours in the kitchen, NOT parallel. By about 1/32 inch. Now he is messing with me by noting the the irregularity, but by NOTICING the irregularity...I am affirmed.

Did some Googling on affirmation for a funny link. Came back religious sites and all took themselves pretty seriously, so took a pass on the link. But, puts me in mind of Sister Murray's (from whom's heirs we bought what has become the Quail Manor) Pastor. Frequent readers may recall he drops by pretty frequently.

The Pastor and I have gotten to be palls. Seems the Pastor and his flock were pretty active helping Sister Murray (as she is ALWAYS referenced) after her husband's passing. DnT were as well, as were, best I can tell, all the neighbors. Before taking-up the cloth, the Pastor was in construction so he's interested from a Sister Murray perspective and a guys have to hang around construction sites (it's what we do) perspective. I understand they put up walls around city construction sites to keep out the guys hanging around offering suggestions. 

Mom has taken an interest in the Pastor. And the Pastor in Mom. But she's already a member of an out-of-town flock so it's a professional interest. Told him Mom was a practicing Methodist. He lit up. Seems he was a Methodist minister at some point along his path. Told him she's tried with me, but not all together successful. Ok, not successful.

So, I figured a pitch was coming at some point. I think he knew from The Force that he was in line behind the Mormons on the religious front. Figured this blond (ok, grey and infact, little of that even) haired blue eyed boy who found himself building the Quail Manor in the barrio probably has some spare change. He'd like to dip his beak.

He's retired from the cloth, but is turning around a church up in Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix). I told him he needed a reality show. "Church Rescue" or something similar. Don't think he got the reference. They need a new roof. From the budget, they won't be installing a rusty (looking) corrugated metal roof. I know the budget for that. But we'll be generous. In Sister Murray's name and honor...

Progress at the Quail Manor. Another day lacking in AFYAMF activity. Today is a good possibility though. Hardware is due from the Door Guy. He was a little wishywashy yesterday, so a good possibility today will have to unleash. I've got one in the chamber. Just in case.

Door trimming is complete. Pocket doors got hung. 2TP painted the garage. And caulked and caulked and caulked trim. That priming (where necessary) and painting will commence today. Barn door headers and closets first. So we can hang the barn doors so he can paint those. And so I can install the closets over the weekend and get that pile of boxes out of the garage so we can commence to painting the rest of the steel to go on the pergola.

And, the gutters went up. Beefy. As befits the Quail Manor. Color match is pretty good. In direct sunlight look a little too copper, but in normal light look like the roof. Not next week, but the week after, the Rainwater Harvesting guys install the cistern and piping from the new gutters. We will then declare the Quail Manor done. May not be, but close enough I can go sleep regularly in a real bed. Almost like living at the Arizona Inn...

If you look at the pictures, they installed vertical extensions to catch more water as it comes firing off the metal roof. We left the extensions off and beefed up the gutter bracing in the vicinity of the standing seam mechanical and penetrations area so it can be easily accessed with minimal collateral damage.

DTF established the fence corner on the south side of the house and installed several posts. One for the corner and the south gate posts. One hole only required a big assed bar. The others brought out the jack hammer again. Two more post holes to go one for the corner down to DnT's. And one at their storage shed.

Speaking of pictures...