Where IKEA falls down

It's Friday early.

JCE (the shit list electrician) In fact, we'll define a new moniker. Jason the Cynical Shit List Electrician, henceforth JCSLE. Doesn't roll off the tongue like the old one, but more apt at this point. 

Anyway, JCSLE is due back this morning. My requirements were 24 hour notice and a list of what he hoped to accomplish. I got the notice. That was pretty easy. But no list. So I created and will manage to the list. Before the sun sets I'm betting JCSLE will wish he had prepared with a list.

Frequent readers will recall the gold-chain-wearing-low-rider-blacked-out-window-pick-up-truck-driving countertop template making folks. According to them, I was supposed to hear back by Wednesday about install schedule. Of course Wednesday came and went. So I called Thursday.

Get the lady. Her first comment was not something along the lines of "let me find out where we are in the process". Her first comment was "Who told you that?". Like I was making it up. 

Well, you can imagine the rest. Turns out we are in what they call an audit step that can take up to a week. An audit step. After they have had several thousands (a substantial several) of our dollars for almost three months. We are in an audit step. Once THAT clears, THEN we go into the production schedule. Countertops by Christmas! 

Well, you can imagine the rest.

So. What IKEA controls, they do spectacularly well. What they don't control. Sucks. Lesson learned. Never. Ever. Buy counter tops from IKEA unless they are the ready made ones IKEA sells directly. There are several Ceasarstone (what we bought from IKEA) installers in Tucson and no benefit in the least to buying from IKEA. No benefit. Don't do it. Too late for us. We are in this bad experience spiral with the schlocks IKEA contracts with in Arizona. No way does this end up with us loving whatever the schlocks bring to install which you just know will have problems...

Colors the whole IKEA experience and has us looking elsewhere for furniture we were going to buy from IKEA by default. When this is over I'll try to find someone at IKEA to communicate the implications of partnering with schlocks. Not that it will matter, but seems the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, at the Quail Manor. More trim progress. We're virtually done with trim. 2TP has most of the nail holes puttied and has primed what has to be primed.

More bathroom progress. What we have done looks great. The guest bath cabinets are essentially done. Since the bathrooms are as identical as the vagaries of construction allow, CtC cleverly decided to do the guest bath first. Apply the learnings to the master bath where I will be more likely to complain! Clever is CtC. And has learned my patterns.

What I am worried about is the under cabinet lighting. Can't tell for sure how it works until the mirrors are installed. Hopefully today if JCSLE does what he says he will, we will be able to fire off the lights and see where we are before mirrors. That will help a fair bit since only have the mirror variable to guess about.

Here are the pictures.

First couple will be fascinating. JCSLE tells us that new code is plastic conduit transitioning out of the ground needs to be Schedule 80 rather than the Schedule 40 I've always used and that we installed in a rush a couple of weeks ago so Haul'n Otis could do their thing. I've never even seen the option for Schedule 80 conduit at Home Depot. Will look more closely next time there. Anyway, informed CtC a when learned of the necessary change that JCSLE needs to separate finish dirt from native dirt, particularly in the courtyards. Got a look that led me to believe I'd better dig the holes. Since I dug the holes, I took a picture!

Careful observers will note blue tape flags. JCSLE has been instructed we want all boxes to have two holes in the bottom so that if I ever need to extend them I have a place for conduit (Schedule 80 conduit now that I know) to connect. The blue tape flag tells him which hole to put his conduit so I have a path towards the most likely place I would be extending from each box. Further tells him where to put the GFI and which outlets to be on the load side of the GFI.