No change to the shit list

JCSLE appeared. As expected, rejected the provided list and proceeded down his own path. I monitored as closely as I could and made him follow me around as we checked every single thing off the list. Except for the stuff that is not right and discovered in the process of checking things off said list. JCSLE hates the damned list and the accountability that flows from the list onto his reputation.

We at least have all the circuits on. But that's about all positive I have to say (if you don't have the energy for blow by blow of the last rant I will have about JCSLE, I sympathize, it saps my energy too, but do skip to the last bullet, it's a good one!):

  • At least a couple of circuits are just wrong. Like what was speced as a dedicated circuit for my "data center" is dedicated if you don't count the fountains that it also feeds. Or if you count the fountains as data it is dedicated. Meanwhile, there is one circuit dedicated solely to feeding power to one outlet in a cabinet in the kitchen that stands a 5% change of ever being used.
  • Some things that were supposed to be on the photo cell aren't. He (for once) acknowledges his error and want's to come back and cut up adequately finished and perfectly painted drywall. For someone else to fix. I presume at my expense. I remain open to CtC's counsel but am more inclined to leave it wrong as a testament to JCSLE high standards of professionalism.
  • The switches and GFI load outlets remain unmapped. Apparently that is not part of his service. Of course not. Why would anyone have a need to know.
  • The panel is partly marked and I have received a hand scrawled list (on the back of my list interestingly enough) of what the circuits supposedly do. Descriptions are vague so I'll have to get a circuit tester and confirm. So not worthless, but not useful either.
  • The pendant lights in the kitchen came as plug-in units rather than hard-wire. My bad for not checking. And impossible for JCSLE and minion to surmount.
    • I got on-line to buy new ones. Damned if I'm going through the Tucson order from a store cycle. Found some conversion kit options for can lights. Figured something like that could work.
    • Went to Home Depot. Three minutes later. Found exactly what we needed.
    • Returned to the Quail Manor. Disassembled the Home Depot kits, threw away what I didn't need, cut the plug end off the existing pendants, threaded it into the Home Depot stuff. Stuck it all back in a box and notified JCSLE and minion the insurmountable problem had been solved by the idiot homeowner. Put the f'ing lights up.
    • To their credit, they did a nice job putting them up. Just in true JCSLE form, it was quite painful.
  • Then the fan guy arrives to work on the clicking fan. I seem to be the oldest living person that can hear the click. Everyone below my advanced age hears it. Fan guy takes our word for it and places his ear upon the fan and in fact hears it. Starts debugging.
    • Seems on one blade JCSLE failed to install two screws of the three screws that attach the blade to the motor . The blade flexes as it goes around and clicks. 
      • We discover there is a manufacturing problem and the holes don't line-up or are otherwise unuseable. Fan guy owns the problem and gets another one coming. We're in the Tucson order from a store cycle, so maybe late next week. Fair enough. Stuff happens
      • As this gets discovered JCSLE appears. Yea, there was a problem with a blade.
      • Failed to mention that ALL THE OTHER TIMES I've tried to get the damn fan addressed. Best we can tell, he figured just because the other 7 blades (a lot of blades on this fan) had 3 screws there was no reason this one needed all of them. So he did one and threw the rest away. Not a mention to anyone. 
      • He feels vindicated since it is in fact a manufacturing issue.
      • I am mad as hell because just one little mention, we could have addressed this weeks ago. One little mention...
    • Whilst I'm out removing pendent light obstacles, JCSLE is installing fountain outlets in the courtyards. I return to notice there is a big chunk of stucco missing from behind one of the boxes. Point it out to him. Yea, that happened when I was drilling. No shit. 
      • Did you drill a pilot hole and then drill the big hole from each side. Naw, he only has the one drill. Did you ask CtC. No.
      • CtC supervised the drilling of the remaining holes.
      • I went in search of matching paint.
      • JCSLE felt no remorse.
    • Through all this CtC is moving two switches and an outlet between the closets in the guest room/study. No mention is made or notice taken by JCSLE and minion. These are their damn switches that were ridiculously mounted without benefit of a consult with anyone. They just decided that centered would look good, so let's not do that and put them over here...
    • Then Minion comes over to point out the the fluorescent fixtures that go inside the closets are also of the plug-in variety. Another insurmountable problem. This time the idiot homeowner looks at him and suggests as gently as this musist can... Well, install an outlet and PLUG THEM IN. Which he did.
    • It's getting dark. I grab my check list and start checking stuff off. I get to the wall switch in the house wall as you leave the pergola for the back garage door. There is a switch plate, I actually like it a lot. JCSLE may be on the SL, but I do like his in-use covers. But, what is that. It's a half inch gap in the stucco before the cover starts.
      • JCSLE is summoned. Yah, that happened. What are you some kind of engineer or something? All these details and lists! Apparently he usually get's away with this stuff.
      • As a mater of fact I am a couple of kinds of engineer and then some, and made quite a nice living managing very large projects. I worry details and make lists so as little as possible slips through the cracks. And am rather proud of my accomplishments.
      • He shrugs to express his displeasure and expresses how much harder it is to run a half assed local electrician company. I started to weep for him.

In the end, not that it matters at all, JCSLE is fired. Doesn't know it yet. CtC will communicate on Monday. He will be overjoyed. I still have to pay him, technically CtC but I get the bill. He does shoddy work that we will be cleaning up for some time AND gets paid. But this musist is done with his attitude and collateral damage and you musers don't have to suffer through another rant. I feel a rant in the chamber for the countertop people, but that will keep.

Meanwhile, the extra long Formica sheet we ordered (two weeks ago) to make the kickable wall side of the peninsula came in as a standard sized sheet that is 6 inches too short to fill the space. Which is why we ordered the extra 2 feet in the first place. At this point we don't know it's too short. I go to pick it up. When I get there, the guy is on not one but two phones. One in each ear. I can hear his side of the conversation. Sounds like my sheet of Formica...

He hangs-up. I say, was that CtC. He looks amazed at my powers of observation. Unlike JCSLE he sees it as a feature. I say no, but I do watch Elementary and stay at Holiday Inn. Anyway. Seems his dad, who owns the store, had a heart attack. Must have been right after I paid for the order. He is apparently recovering nicely but son, in addition to concern for the health situation, is running the store. I wished his dad, who is a real character, well. We'll give them a pass for the honest mistake and hope it comes in next Thursday.

So, here are the pictures. The lights that are on the photo cell were off as designed when I went up this morning. So that's a positive. And, the irrigation started for the first time by itself with an interval program (run every third day). So that's a positive. Also note we installed the access covers for the master water valve and what will become the key cabinet in the garage pony wall. Thinking is, use the internet to get into the garage and then keys and openers etc are in the key cabinet.

Also note, the trim around the barn doors is the final white. 2TP fusses about the white. I guess it has no pigment and does not cover worth a damn. I have sympathy, but could have told us that when we were selecting colors... CtC has proposed an alternate moniker for 2TP. Tony the Precision Painter (henceforth T2P). T2P can caulk without a mess and cut a razor sharp paint line. He don't need no stinking tape. I like T2P so will convert in future references.

Today I install the last of the cabinet handles in the bathroom wall cabinets. And start into installing the closets.