One for the planties

Irrigation ran, as scheduled. Got to be uninteresting with the specified days of the week mode. So tried the every 3 days mode. Ran once in a row, so I think Tue will be the third day (Sun, Mon, Tue) unless it counts Tue, but does not water until after 3 days have passed, which would then be Wed. Will see if it runs either day, then will have insights into the developers thinking... Typical programming dilemma, does counting start at Zero or at One.

So, while continuing to confirm that all the irrigation zones are working, I walked the Quail Manor Grounds. Decided to take pictures so I have proof of life. SWITBO is back down next weekend to supervise the Tree Whisperer and the snaking of rainwater harvesting supply lines through her plantings. Your musist was left accountable for life sustaining care, there IS some stress. Still hot down here. Been windy too. Seems the Polar Vortex coming into Denver is bringing us wind...

Relearned how to install adjacent cabinet door handles. Only four sets to do, about 8 feet up in the air, but not too bad. Don't intend to do anymore kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but if I do, there will be NO center opening doors. Everything will open from the left or the right. This adjacent cabinet door handle dilemma is for the birds.

And figured out how to install the closets. My strategy with tools is to buy real basic stuff and then add as becomes necessary. Needed a stud finder, hack saw, some squares, that kind of stuff. So one more trip to Home Depot. We're almost done here, so if you own Home Depot stock, prepare for a dip.

The closets hang from a rail attached way up high (of course) on the wall in the back of each closet. Then vertical pieces hang from that. Shelves attach to the verticals and give the structure structure and us places to put things. True to CtC's strategy of starting in the Guest Room to refine the process, I started in the Guest Room.

One problem is the verticals are tall. It is the Quail Manor. And therefore heavy, it is particle board covered in melamine.  Another problem is there are a lot of tall verticals in stacked boxes in the garage. In the infinite wisdom of the folks at Easy Closets, parts are spread around many boxes for packing efficiency, not so much installation efficiency. I knew this from the inventory process, but had other things top of mind and did not muse on the topic.

So, your musist ended up unpacking ALL the verticals for ALL (there are only four, but that IS ALL of them) the closets to collect what I needed for what I randomly chose as the trial closet. Not that big a deal but took awhile.

I bought a mid range stud finder. It was finding studs that appeared to be closer to three inches wide than 1 1/2 inches wide. It is the Quail Manor and there are a lot of double studs and the back wall of the closets is a structural wall. But I don't remember that many double studs back here. Came to find out the stud finder indicated the general location of the edge of the stud. Plus or minus an inch or so... Mid-range strikes again.

Then some rail considerations. Don't want screws where a vertical will hang. Don't want a vertical more than 6 inches from a stud. Wants two screws in each stud. A lot of variables to optimize. Fortunately the closets are small! Took awhile on the first one, hoping I now have a "system" and can move more quickly.

The holes in the rails are an inch apart. Do the math. Two screws an inch apart are quite unlikely to both fall on a 1 1/2 inch wide stud. I learned about angled screws. This is also where I learned of the vague indication quality of the mid-range stud finder. Fair number of missed studs. Cleverly the Easy Closet folks provide rail covers that get installed to cover all the indiscretions. Here's guessing these lessons have been learned by others before me...

Here are the pictures. Careful and not so careful observers will note my shadow is in many shots for scale. No rants today. I only have myself to blame and had a pretty good day, so nothing to rant about.