"Making Bank"

If you read the comments you know I stole today's title. From a Millennial. After you read this, you will know I rail a bit on the Millennial's. Regardless, I liked it and used it. It's what Management Consultants in "the show" (stole that too) do. See something we like and adopt it as our own. Since I'm back pretending to be in "the show", old habits die hard...

So. One more week of making bank. Could not bear two. Working with good folks. Staying in nice hotels. Eating good food on someone else's nickel. Flying first class. Giving a serious ration of grief to our resident 23 year old Millennial (who already has his MBA, so a pretty smart and motivated Millennial). He hates being called a Millennial - and made the mistake of allowing me to figure that out - so I'm having a good enough time.

Bob Seger was in Grand Rapids last week. Had basically all the hotels tied up. We were downtown for dinner the night of the concert. Even without the Millennial we may have lowered the average age. I think the concert started at 5. Kind of an early bird special...

Anyway, the making bank could be worse. But. I have become seriously accustomed to being where I want to be when I want to be there with whom I want to be there with. Making bank violates one or more of those tenets at any given time. So I'm against it. Unless you're a Millennial, then I'm ALL FOR IT! I hope you're not reading this at work...

Meanwhile. the Quail Manor marches on. You may have noticed I started dinking with the site. Pretty sure got the urge to avoid making some bank that I have to make this weekend. The pictures on the "title page" are place holders until we get some finished pictures. CtC continues to attack the punch list:

  • Installed the pilot lighted 3 way switches for the bathroom fart fans. Cool.
  • Installed the front and back door screens. Not sure I like the look but will reserve judgement until we can see them in context of the whole house.
  • The power for the domestic hot water circulation (so there is no waiting at the Quail Manor for hot water, and consequentially no wasted water waiting for the water to get hot) was way up high. The pump was way down low. Resulting in an unsightly cord running up the wall. CtC didn't like it either so he added an outlet at the garage sink counter and then another near the pump. It's a good thing.

And the rainwater harvesting guys have been back and finished their thing. Looks pretty damn cool. AND, yesterday we got 0.46 inches of rain according to Peggy's (next door neighbor) rain water gauge. So it must be so. And, we should have some water in the tank!

For the engineers or those with access to an engineer to clarify. This is cool.

  • If you look carefully you can see where the 4 inch line comes up out of the ground from the south side of the roof. It's a long run with some elbows plus since it includes the garage roof, it's the larger side of the roof so it needed the larger diameter pipe to support the flow volume and the line resistance.
  • The 4 inch goes in about 8 inches or so from the bottom of the tank. 
  • Above that, I'm guessing 18 to 24 inches above the bottom of the tank, is the 3 inch line coming from the north side of the roof. They encountered some impenetrable caliche so abandoned trenching for this line and just ran it along the base of the wall on the north side of the property. This is a shorter run with fewer corners and a little smaller volume, so 3 inches was plenty.
  • Continuing above the feed from the north roof is the overflow. The top of the 3 inch overflow loop is as full as the tank can get. And, more importantly, is at the same elevation as the bottom of the gutters on the Quail Manor. Technically, the top of the overflow is the elevation of the bottom of the gutters MINUS the largest line loss in the plumbing coming over to the tank. Note the overflow dumps into the beginning of the dry wash so we really don't lose the opportunity to collect water. 
  • Frequent readers may recall that the dry wash proceeds through some catch basins on the Quail Manor Grounds and then dumps into the DnT Grounds for further catching.
  • At the very bottom of the tank below and to the left in the picture is a hose bib so we can use pretty much every last drop of water to irrigate plants or drain the tank if we need to.
  • The tank is been painted with the same stuff they use on roofs in the desert. It will protect the plastic from sun damage as well as inhibit algae growth inside the tank.
  • All the plumbing is plastic pipe (I forget whether Schedule 40 or 80) it gets painted to save it from the sun. And it looks cooler painted.

This is what they called a "wet" system. So the volume of the tank includes the plumbing all the way back to the gutters. And, water is in the system at the same level everywhere. What is a happy feature is we have hose bibs at the house where the lines go underground and along the north wall so we can get water out of the rainwater tank anywhere. As long as the tank is above the level where the respective hose bibs are located, we get gravity feed water. Looking at the picture, at the south wall hose bib, we can get water as long as the tank has about 8 inches of water in it. At the north hose bibs we need more like 18 to 24 inches. If we go all the way to the bib on the tank we can pretty much drain it.

I was going to run power to the tank just in case we needed to put a pump at the hose bib to put pressure into a hose. When we abandoned the underground piping on the north side I decided that if necessary, I would just run a conduit along the pipe and decided to hold off until we proved whether we needed the pump or not.

Since the rainwater harvesting is done, and as a result the air conditioner condensate line is terminated, CtC has scheduled the final inspection for Monday. Absent chicken poop stuff, we should be fine. Will do a post as soon as I know the disposition...

Here are the pictures CtC has sent.