So when did you become Pollyanna?

Did you know words really can hurt you

We're reviewing what we've found in Grand Rapids (GRR) with the client. She's a VP type that we know well from prior work. I'm on the team for a couple of reasons I've discovered over the course of the project, not the least of which because she knows I'm genetically incapable of lying or sugar coating. There are even those who would call me an ass. 

I kind of preferred the ring of "whom would call me an ass" better than who. Of course I have no idea which is correct. It is MY muse so whatever I want is correct. By this time I'm curious so I looked it up anyway. Found some nonsense about if you would use he in the sentence, use who. If you would use him, use whom. Didn't help. 

So I Googled the whole sentence. Came back with the "Showing result for: who would call me an ass". I went with Google. Remember I'm the result of public schools and state colleges. In the barrio, we don't judge.

Back to Grand Rapids. We found some steamers, but nothing to get anybody fired. Which was disappointing. It is Christmas time... We're about halfway through our brief and running out of time so I summarize that there are some issues, but it's not that bad.

Boom. So when did you become so Pollyanna? She said it with a smile, but I was crushed. My reputation in tatters I had to suffer the ridicule of the rest of the team the rest of the afternoon, at dinner, into the next morning. I was even taking crap from the Millennial. She had found the kryptonite to my special powers.

We finished the brief the next day. She was happier with my pessimism and I'm back on my game. I suspect 6+ years of retirement may have tempered my Consulting Rage. Still didn't get to fire anyone for Christmas. But. No more flights! Done and dusted. Maybe a phone call or two to wrap-up but done and dusted for physical presence.

Millennials. I thoroughly enjoyed my three weeks with my Millennial. He does not accept that I will not be returning to GRR. Not-with-standing, I like the Millennial enough that we took to calling him "Kid". It's been so handy having a driver and a ready terror subject who is afraid to joust with someone older than his dad, that I've decided to get one, maybe two of my own. They're mostly un or under employed and living at home, so shouldn't cost too much. I was Googleing around about the best places to find one, besides their parent's house of course. Turns out it's Starbucks or a brew pub. You look for the stocking cap in July in Tucson. It's a generational thing I guess.

So. I'm Googleing around. I came across a Pew Survey to measure how Millennial you are. I figure it could be like an entrance exam, I don't want my Millennial to be a poser. In the interest of science I want to be sure the test is accurate; so I take it. On a scale where 0 is my parents and 100 is a Millennial's Millennial, I score a 14. Old school, main line Baby Boomer. I certify the survey to be accurate. I'll start interviewing soon...

12-20-2014 9-26-58 AM.png

Meanwhile, back at the Quail Manor. We're kind of done. Not open for business done, but kind of done. Bit of a tale around the final inspection.

  • The actual scheduling slipped several days as CtC kept missing the deadline.
  • It finally did get scheduled. The guy shows-up at 0 dark 30 which has never ever happened. He's pulling away as SoMM is pulling in. SoMM is waving and does everything short of throwing his body in front of the inspectors truck to stop him leaving. The inspector waves and continues on his way. I'll counsel SoMM about his level of commitment when next I see him...
  • CtC pays a visit to the City and proceeds to chew on the inspector's boss. On the one hand, pissing off the inspector may not be a great idea. But a CtC chewing is way more civilized than even a Pollyanna Steve the Owner (henceforth StO) ass chewing. There is no ambiguity about a StO ass chewing. 
    • CtC decided I needed an acronym. Told him I'm already "your musist". That's plenty. He prefers StO. I'll try to accommodate.
  • The inspector comes by the next day. I'm pretty sure CtC or SoMM spend the night at the Quail Manor to be sure there were no more excuses. Of course we pass all the hard stuff. But will need a third trip. I think the inspector just likes coming to the barrio!
    • For some reason we now need a 3 foot square stoop at the back door. CtC grabbed some pavers and built a stoop that we will remove. 
    • One of the GFI's was bad. It just failed and had to be replaced.
    • The inspector requires an extension ladder to get on the roof. The 8 foot step ladder everybody else uses is no good. And of course the inspector is way too important to carry his own. 
  • The next day we pass all that stuff, but now we also need a "Stucco Certificate". No worries, we have the worlds finest stucco. And, the stucco guy is CtC's business partner.

The gas company comes at some point in a 24 hour window on Monday (they're big on customer service) to turn-on the gas. The solar inspection is on Tuesday. At that point we call the electric company to come install the solar "netting" meter that shows the electricity we use net of the solar we sell back to the utility.

Then AtO (it is left to the reader to figure that one out) gets busy nesting. At that point my straw bossing gets way curtailed by fear of reprisal from SWITBO (AtO). Was listening to a pod cast on one of the coveted flights to and from GRR. SWITBO, the concept, came up. There was some question about whether it was disrespectful. They decided, correctly, that it was not disrespectful, just a recognition of fact.

Christmas cards. We've gotten pretty lax over the years. Recently they go after the holidays. This year SWITBO says there will be no cards. We'll see if that holds, but that's the working plan. Anyway, I've been looking at cards when I return from the hell of air travel each week. We got what may be my favorite card of all time ever from Haul "n" Otis.

Haul 'N' Otis.jpg

First off. Santa is a dead ringer for Otis. Second, check out the reindeer. I love this card.

Here are the pictures. As has been true recently, I'm dependent upon the kindness of others for content.

  • The fence is coming right along. It looks marvelous.
    • On the side where you can see the gas meter is what we are calling a faux post. Works like a post, but don't have to invest a day or two in digging a hole.
    • In the picture where you can see the trash cans. When we are down next we'll get those trash cans sorted. Not happy with the elevated area... Anyway, on that side you see another approach to the steps the fence has to take to follow grade. We're going to redo that as a faux post. Like those better.
    • DtW tested spraying salt water on the tubing to speed-up the rust. Works a peach so we'll spray the rest of it.
  • You may notice things look wet and there are even some drops in the fence pictures. It rained almost an inch. I reworked the Current Conditions area of the site so you can estimate the amount of water we collect off the roof. Peggy next door up the hill logs rain on a University of Arizona site so we get a real good estimate of our rain. Also I built a spreadsheet to estimate the amount of water that comes off the roof. An inch of rain on a roof the size and type of the Quail Manor equates to about 900 gallons collected. The tank has a usable capacity of around 2,500 gallons. So we should be on the order of a third full.
    • CtC confirmed the full level using the thump and echo method.
    • In the interest of "I have to know", I hit the Google and found a wonderfully simple gauge from an Australian company. We'll implement at some point this winter.
  • CtC has been doing more then pissing off the inspector
    • Trim at end of the peninsula matches the cabinets. The IKEA molding comes with iron-on strips for any exposed edges. I had to buy an official the Quail Manor iron. In a future life it can be used to remove wrinkles. Now it's hard at work applying lots of heat activated gray tape to exposed edges of IKEA faux wood.
    • Trim at the top of the exhaust fan that also matches the gray cabinets. This was nontrivial. Mitered corners on a slope that is 12 feet above the floor over a counter. He claims no mishaps, but looks like a lot of geometry to me.
    • Skirt around the gas pack on the roof. Made from the same stuff as the roof. He had it cut and shaped to match the framework. More geometry.
    • Ridge piece on the garage roof. More geometry. At elevation.

Merry Merry to all my tens of readers! Probably another post the week after Christmas when AtO has commenced to nesting.  Thanks for reading.