Progress Continues

Time, and the Quail Manor, marches on. CtC and team have been finishing details and sending pictures. I don't have the normally robust picture selection but at the bottom is what I have from CtC texts.

At this point:

  • Plumbing is complete. Water treatment is in place, all the faucets and sinks have been installed and collateral damage has been repaired. In the pictures you will note Bob, the plumber, did a bang-up job of insulating the exposed pipes against freezing.
  • Kitchen appliances have been installed. The Oven and Cook Top were problematic. Plumbing and electrical had to be relocated. Holes had to be cut to create clearance, but in the end, it got done. All the indiscretions are carefully disguised behind gleaming stainless steel and glass. And this is all IKEA factory made to work together stuff. Been fairly intimidating if a first time installer!
  • Door bumpers have been installed on the few swinging doors. In no case did we have anywhere we could install the bumper on a wall, so all the bumpers are located on hinges.
  • The washer and dryer stack have been installed and properly vented out the side wall. As all things, the venting proved problematic, Sears screwed-up and CtC recovered. As all things the Quail Manor, the fit is tight. I am told we had better not have to pull the thing out to work on it very often.
  • I don't have a picture, but am told DtW has the pergola steel complete. CtC had to straighten some of the beams that had taken to twisting whilst awaiting steel. We are leaving the blocking in for the time being until we can drive longer and beefier screws, technically lag bolts, into the offending beams to be sure we don't have any relapses. I'll go back this winter and install lag bolts throughout the field just to be sure...
  • The shower door has been reinstalled after the mistakenly drilled tile was replaced.
  • Mirrors are on order and should be in Any Day Now.
  • The cistern has been installed and is in the process of being connected. The day AFTER we got half an inch of rain! Ugggghhh. Pictures look very cool. The cistern looks like it was made to fit into the corner behind the dead tree. They rainwater harvesting guys painted the downspouts with the paint I got to match the stucco. They match the stucco quite nicely thank you very much. The cistern will be painted with a tan colored coating to keep the sun off the plastic tank and the water inside. Supposedly keeps algae growth to a minimum and helps the tank last longer. In the pictures you can see the curb DtW (in his concrete guy incarnation) built. Looks very cool.
  • Retractable screens have been installed on the front and back doors. We struggled with do we need screen doors and if we do, will that be all you see. After seeing the screens at one of our Denver neighbors that roll-up into the hinge side of the door, we figured that would be a good solution to our dilemma. We'll see how well they last... CtC has had to do some finagling with thresholds so we don't end-up with a dirt trap between the screen threshold and the door threshold.

CtC has some trim at the end of the peninsula and top of the exhaust hood to finish with the grey stuff we ordered to match the kitchen cabinets. He also has to snake a wire between the fart fan switches in both bathrooms so we will have a pilot light when the fan is on.

In retrospect, don't think I would do the remote located, always on, fart fan again. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but not so much anymore. We weren't sure how much noise it would make, so to be safe we installed 3-way switches so you can control it from either bathroom. Turns out, it makes just a little noise, so glad we did the switches. Trouble is, unless you know what to listen for, virtually impossible to know whether it's on already. 

So, belatedly, I hit the internet to find 3-way pilot lighted switches. Found them. They are proud of them. Unfortunately, the line and load wires run out of different boxes so we have to run a wire between the two switches. Fortunately, the cabinets in bathroom A overlap with the cabinets in bathroom B so just have to drill a hole. Tricky part is there is a WHOLE BUNCH of plumbing in the wall. CtC is confident so we'll see how it goes!

Meanwhile, SWITBO has been busy feathering the nest. Chairs have been a challenge. Not looking for heirloom stuff, but don't want crap either. On a whim checked American Furniture Warehouse (AFW). A Denver staple with a Phoenix presence. Traditionally AFW has been a house of crap. Looked at their site and enough stuff  that we didn't hate, at reasonable price points, that we figured worth a trip.

They have a "super store" most of the way to Colorado Springs so figured that would be the place to go.

It was. In front of the front door they have patio furniture set-up. The "deep seating" chairs we didn't hate were there. Adequate to look at and pretty damn comfortable. Check. 20 feet or so inside the front door is a leather furniture set in grey that is perfect. Looks simple, which to us is good. Sits firm, which to us is good. Big enough that you can move around it them, which to us is good. Big ottoman at a good height that we can use as the coffee table, which to us is good. The outside dimensions are within our space budget, which is to say the IKEA templates I made and laid on the living room floor a while back. So, check.

A sales guy is wondering by so we wave him over. He winds up to start selling. We wave him  off since we are ready to start buying. Turns out they don't have the chairs in grey, but do have them in Ivory. Not our first color choice, but they are on clearance and we can get over it. And, turns out they are "Bonded Leather" with is to say faux leather. So not leather at all, which to us is good. Rather not have cheap leather. It's going to get dirty. If it is faux, get out the cleaner and have at it. Concern is sweat when sit in it like old vinyl upholstery. Wont know about that for awhile, but Ann's Baby Prius is faux leather and those have worked out swell.

So. We'll take 4 of those, an ottoman to match, 6 of the deep seating chairs. While he's collecting his composure at his good fortune at the dinner hour and writing that up Ann spots a carpet on sale with a good bit of color that might look cool in the living room. Cheap enough if it does not look cool, it'll look cool enough in the garage! We'll take that carpet too. Delivered to Tucson. 20 min later, we're back fighting traffic with the poor schlock's with jobs.

Next we turn our attention to a bed for the master bedroom. Want platform so it will be less imposing. Been looking for quite some time. SeW mentions Room and Board and West Elm in Cherry Creek. To the Internet I go. Bam. Room and Board has exactly what we'd want, at a reasonable-ish price, and it is made of 2 inch square metal tubing, just like the pergola roof and the fence. Bam again. They want too much to deliver directly to the Quail Manor and it would seem it will fit inside the Volvo so we find that out next weekend.

And curtains. She's been looking. Same as furniture. Expensive heirloom quality or tacky crap. Found a balance at Bed, Bath and Beyond. On sale and SWITBO has an arm load of unexpired ubiquitous Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% off a single item coupons that I now know you can combine on a shopping cart full of single items. So, cheep enough that even though we don't have windows in the garage, if they look like crap in the Quail Manor we can use them for something in the garage.

And bedding. T2P's mom used to work at Macy's. She gets these insider coupons. T2P knows we probably have a whole bunch of stuff to buy that Macy's probably has. So he gives us a 25% off coupon that is good when the moon is full and the tide is out or something like that. The conditions were right on Friday. So to Macy's we go to look at bedding. I wanted to put my eyes out. Rack after rack after rack of frilly crap I did not know needed to be on the bed. There is so much of it, there must be unsatisfied demand. We look and look and look and come upon some Martha Stuart approved stuff. Looks about like all the other stuff, but if Martha says it's a good thing, it must be. 

So, it's already marked down from $400 to $200. There are like 27 pillows and comforters and curtains (that we don't need) and shams that I'm unclear not only on what they are, but also whether we need them or not. And lord knows what else crammed into this about 2 foot on a side plastic bag cube. Then we take 25% more off of that. So I guess ended-up to be reasonable even if we throw out extraneous frills... 

To this point, I'd not connected the dots on how we were going to transport this 2 foot on a side plastic bag cube the length of the mall and then two more big box stores to the Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot where we left the car. Turns out that was why I was there. You can imagine the rest.

Meanwhile. A consulting gig fell in my lap that will start and finish in December. Requires a flight to Michigan each of three weeks, which sucks - way. But, refills the coffers that have been depleted by the Quail Manor's insatiable thirst for funding. SWITBO likes the coffer refill much more than I hate going to the airport. So just completed the first week. 

It's like I never retired. Before I arrived at the airport last Monday I was in full consulting mode... Don't care for it. Not one little bit. Dinners are nice though...

Here are the pictures.

Forgot. Meanwhile, it turns out and were available and are now in our possession. I'd not heard of the .house extension. Kind of liked it so grabbed it.

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