Day 1 - Demolition

Dateline Tue, 13-May-2014.  Got busy today.  Tired tonight.  Filled about a third of the dumpster. Think we'll have enough room to finish, but just.  

Ann focused on her demolition specialties; floor tiles, and fussing at me.I focused on everything else. 

At some point, she sited a Road Runner trotting up the street with a beak full of sticks, presumably for a nest. No mention of a "beep, beep". Interestingly, yesterday, I saw a coyote in the street. The inspiration for a cartoon perhaps?

She got most of the tile up. Kitchen proving problematic. She also worked to exhaustion on the bathroom tile. The stuff on the exterior block wall turns out to be very well installed indeed. Interior frame walls were also nicely done, but we attacked from the back side with excellent results. Reinforces the notion of getting in the tub in case of a storm...

I got the drywall down in the bedrooms. Closets are a bitch. No room, which is an issue. But not THE issue. THE issue is that in a very small space there are two sides of a whole bunch of walls.  Knock some down. Clean-up. Repeat until done. Don't get to see much progress. Ann fusses, drawing comparisons to her square footage progress. The working classes get demoralized.

Ann "encouraged" me to buy some disposable jump suits from the Home Depot painting department. Worked great.  Ann's scientist sister insisted on high-end dust masks. Worked great too. Good sense led to goggles and hardhats. The hardhat is a remnant of our bygone mining days.  This one is for hard rock mining.  Upon careful inspection the reader may notice the sticker is from a long dead CF&I mine in Wyoming.

Only got the drywall off the ceiling in one bedroom. The ceiling was actually pretty well insulated. Termite damage everywhere. Except in the ceiling in this area. There were no termite trails, on this end of the house, so may be a fluke. More damage expected when we get to the living areas today.

Lots of evidence of water and mold in the bathroom wet wall and in the wall that backs-up the kitchen. Be interesting to see what is on the inside of the kitchen wall...

Updated pictures are in the interior galleries.  Over time I hope a timeline kind of develops...