Day 2 - Demolition...again

We've done demolition before. Three times before, in Denver. Those times we were in our 30's and 40's. Somebody's turning 60 this year. Somebody else is less than that, but not enough that it matters. Except for bragging rights. My point is, tomorrow is a rest day.

We got all the drywall down. We got all the surprisingly present insulation down. The insulation created an unexpected problem. Should not have been unexpected, but it was. Insulation takes up a LOT of space. That's a feature when it's in your wall, or ceiling doing it's thing. It's a bitch when you have a 30 yard dumpster. It's a real bitch when there is a 30 mph wind blowing too.

So, we prepared an insulation and drywall parfait. The recipe is simple on paper. Layer of insulation, layer of drywall. Repeat until done. In life, the parfait has to be built from the bottom up. The parfait got tall. Her sweetness built a ramp. I scoffed at her ramp. Then used the shit out of it. She can fill in the blanks. The step looking things you can barely see at the right used to be "The Murray's" (the previous and only owners) quite sturdy brand new kitchen cabinets. I whimpered every time I had to climb them.

The dumpster is now on the order of 90% full. We'll get what's left to demo in the house in there, but not much else. We were hoping to get the "juniper that ate Cincinnati" where Cincinnati is our front yard in there, but not looking good.

So far, we have found three birds in wall cavities. One was fairly fresh. Two were intact skeletons. An archaeologist would LOVE to find skeletons of this quality. What a slow way to die. Sweetie is a Geologist which is like an Archaeologist. They both tell stories that fit the facts they like...and ask three of them you get 4 explanations. Anyway, she has found all three birds. And she has found 11 cents.

Here's Ann. The skeleton birds were in the now open wall just to her right (our left). This is the Kitchen wet wall that in yesterdays post I was speculating must have an interesting story to tell. The room where Ann is had no insulation, and the birds were found in the wall. We're thinking big hole in roof, rain water, hole fixed at some point, insulation ruined and removed. Birds die, mold grows. We speculate.

Now some words about me. My artifact (mining career) shoes and helmet are killing me. What was once supple leather (shoes) and plastic (helmet liner) are now stiff and brittle like your author. I have blisters and a headache. Also. When The Murray's well constructed and once brand new upper kitchen cabinet (that we have saved for the garage) came down (surprisingly easily) it came down onto my (once shattered in an unfortunate bicycling incident) left wrist. I soldered on. With the demo, not the bike event. But it hurts.

Not getting much sympathy about the blisters, headache or wrist. Going to work on that at dinner.