Internet. It's a good thing.

Air mattress sprung a leak overnight. Hourly re-inflates. Not much sleep for this lad. Patched it up. Leak right on a seam to some kind of internal chamber system.  Some concern...

Internet today. It's a good thing.

Installed a shelf in Dan and Tony's utility shed. Excellent coverage on both properties.

Did I say Internet, it's a good thing? Now streaming the Giro.

Also got an enormous dumpster delivered.  It's a 30 yard'er. The delivery driver was quite impressive backing the thing in and avoiding the wall, which I didn't care that much about, and the water meter in the driveway, which I did.

Re-inflated the air mattress and took a nap. Catistrophic failure of the patch. Seam blew out completely. I may have bruised my butt on the way down! Air mattress is off the team. An expensive mistake.

Set-up the preexisting futon. It turns out to be shocking comfortable. And, it does not leak!

Pick-up Ann at midnight. Did I say how much I miss air travel...