Day 3 - It's a damn good thing we're taking down the roof.

Only about a half-day today. Off shopping.

  • Think we committed to a metal roof. The roof guy was by. Expensive, but think way to go. Now to pick the style. Who knew...we thought it was just to pick a color. Leaning toward corrugated rather than standing seam. They have one that actually is treated so it rusts a bit. That could be pretty cool.
  • While we were out, saw some roll-up type garage doors. Kind of look like the corrugated roof. That would be cool. More research necessary...
  • Looked at flooring. We talked, the guy listened. He showed us a floating vinyl tile flooring material. Looks as much like wood as Pergo and it's ilk. Goes down the same. Pieces click together and float. No glue. Cool thing is could care less about water. Water is THE issue with the Pergo type floor. With the vinyl, when it gets wet everybody stays calm and carries on. More research required, but think that's the way to go.
  • Looked at shower/tub surrounds. Asked the guy what he thought about one piece fiberglass. He looked like he was searching for words and finally said "ahh we don't carry those". I said, we'll take that as a no. He looked relieved. Do like the solid surface and the price is right. Don't really do a shower the size we need. 800 sq ft remember. Bit more research required, but probably two tubs...
  • Looked at toilets. Seems way overly complicated. In any event, American Standard makes one with an uber finish in the bowl that is less likely to stain with the liquid rock that passes for water round here. May be a good way to go.
  • Looked at windows and doors. Nothing too exciting. Everything we need is pretty standard (thank you Jake the Architect!). Will probably go with 8 foot high doors for the barn doors into the bedrooms. Vinyl windows seem to be the way to what color for that too.

Terminated the electric in the house. The main breaker is an antique fuse set-up. Ann had me out there with a meter to prove I had the power off. She has very little trust. I discovered the other day you have to use a hammer to get it to close. There's a handle that looks all simple. Push the handle and start tapping things with the hammer. Thud, power back on. Ann didn't see that part. Her trust issues are well founded.

Pulled back the existing wiring so as we demo walls can just snip and go. Probably no sparks. Added an outlet box. We'll use that so we have power until the new service is installed after we do the roof.

Cut out the water and gas lines. Cutting the gas line was a gut check. I wonder just how good that valve is? Still here, so it must be a good valve!

Took samples so can install caps just in case some wise guy decides it would be funny to turn things on at the street. Fortunately the gas meter has a lock out feature. It's locked out now. Ann has very little trust.

Walls started coming down pretty much on their own. Termites have been busy. When pulling one stud that was actually still competent out of the top plate of the baring wall, the top plate started to disintegrate.

This wall will remain up until the roof comes down. Glad we're getting rid of it though!

Ann got most of the tile down so we were able to pull the tub. No fiberglass in this tub! We got it in the dumpster, but only just. Fortunately mostly down hill to the dumpster and gravity did its wonder.