Day 5 - A call-out to Tony and Dan

We were thinking last night how convenient it is to be able to live next door whilst doing the deed up the hill. Thanks Dan and Tony! Today, we'll throw in a few pictures of there place from our place.

This will be the last post we'll do for a while. Jake the architect is doing his thing until probably right after Memorial Day. Then he submits to the City for permitting. At that point, Craig the contractor and I start sorting sequence, schedule, and budget while the City pours over Jake's work. Assuming normal permitting and subcontractor availability we're targeting a mid to late June start-up. May do a post or two between now and then as things sort, but we've done about as much as we can down here for now.

Not too much to report today. While the dumpster was full, we figured we could add some more before the pick-up guy came. Wrong, he came roaring up the street right at 07.00. It's a real quiet street that ends in a cul-de-sac just past us. You get to where you notice every car. This truck is no car. You could hear that thing coming if we were in our Chicago condo!

Capped off the gas and water. The gas is sealed up nice and tight. Passed the bubble test anyway. The water was a cock-up. My soldering skills are weak, but my tools were a Home Depot kit. I'm sure its the tools. Didn't come in their own tool box, didn't cost enough. I'm sure it's the tools.. Anyway if the water gets turned on at least it'll only be a spray instead of a gusher.

We laid out the front and back yard courtyards. Front is great. Back not so much. There are three clean-outs for the sewer. I can understand two, but not what the third one is. Of course they are right where you'd want a patio off the back. The courtyard wall goes right over the top of one of them. We may be able to move them when we redo all the plumbing and put in the grey water valves. In any event, when we saw the space laid out, it was just too small. 

So, came up with this. Basically bumped out the ends of the pergola 5 feet. Creates a couple of alcoves that we'll use for seating. Also creates kind of a neat non-alcove between the bump-outs. I want to put a fountain there. It lines up with the front and back doors. Sweetie of course vetoed that idea. I'll try again later. Won't win, but have to try.

With all the walls down, the casita er a manor sure got small! We also laid out the floor plan. Didn't realize, the guest bath will be almost exactly where the original bath was. Rearranged, but same place. The guest room/study is gonna be cozy! Rest of the areas look pretty good.

Ann worked some more on the kitchen floor. She says it's brutal. I believe her because she reads this. Here she is in action with her specialty. Pretty quick after I took the shot, she started into her other specialty.

Here is the result of an hours work. They are pretty small pieces... I'll leave it at that.

As promised, here are some shots of Tony and Dan's. Click on the picture to scroll through. The crap in the foreground is our crap. If you're observant you'll notice the new cable that brings internet (It's a Good Thing) into our lives. You also might catch a glimpse of the only Volvo we've seen in the neighborhood.