SITREP. A little drama creeps into the picture...

Drive back uneventful. Did have some quiet time to ponder.

When Jake the architect was by last week, one tidbit was the engineer was not happy with scissor trusses on block walls. The scissor truss introduces a sheering load on the wall. The wall gets pushed outward. Bad things happen. Can address simply by making a couple of walls in the house bearing. The walls in question would the be walls with the barn doors in them that go into the bedrooms.

On the face of it, simple solution. Like it.

On the drive back had time to think through implications. The guest room is freaking tiny. If we ever did anything more to the house, or we sold it to someone that wanted two real bedrooms, we would extend out the front in the vicinity of the guest room. If we make that wall bearing, it's there pretty much forever.

Had a conversation with Jake Monday. He had come up with a better idea for the pergola off the back. We can bump the structure a bit and keep the original design but move the west walls out from 13 to 18 feet. I mentioned my concern with the bearing walls.

Long conversation. Current plan is to just hand frame the roof. Jake also understands that the most dangerous thing between here and completion is Stevie have idle time to ponder.

Had a conversation with Craig the contractor yesterday. He's not excited with giving up so fast with losing the trusses. Trusses make construction easier and faster. Understands the problem and has run into it before. Will have a conversation with his engineer to see what other alternatives may be.

Going to proceed to permitting with Jake's plans and will do a permit change if we come up with more interesting engineering...