"Final" Design

This is the final floor plan.  Don't know how we could squeeze any more stuff into 850(ish) square feet.

Elevations and sections will look more like what's in here from an earlier version.  Note the roof gables have been switched from the North and South walls to the East and West walls so we can plunk a bunch of solar onto the South facing roof pitch.  We're thinking along the lines of a galvanized looking metal roof.  The body of the house will be a shade of tan.

Here are some samples we are leaning towards for finishes.  

  • Front and back doors.  
  • The fence between the front and back yards.
  • Craftsman style Base Molding.  Most likely painted white.
  • Craftsman style Interior Door 
  • Craftsman style Interior Door as we would most likely paint it.  The Barn Doors into the bedrooms would look something like this.
  • Craftsman style door and window moldings.  Most likely painted white.