SITREP. Passed the easy permitting, now into nitty gritty.

We came to a compromise on the truss drama. Craig the contractor is convinced we are over-engineered, and here's betting he's right, but we have a plan. There will be a beam that runs from the front to the back door between the gable ends. Then, one set of scissor trusses will hang from the beam going one way and another set of scissor trusses will hang from the beam and go the other way.

Jake the architect has detailed everything imaginable. That said, I'm sure that during construction we'll criticize him for leaving us guessing about something! Here are the drawings that went in. Apparently the process is that the site and zoning and it seems like there was one more get reviewed quickly, basically while you stand there. That part happened last Friday. At that point they tell you how much the permits are going to cost in total and how much for them to review. We write Jake a check to give the City, he submits the package with our check. The check went out Friday. USPS got it there Monday (way to go USPS). Jake got us in the queue on Tuesday. Now we wait.

In the mean time, I've been collecting templates and working on a work plan for the construction. Microsoft has something jacked in my MS Project licensing. Which is expensive, like WAY. So, screw Microsoft, they have enough of my money. I found an online project manager called SmartSheet that appears to be quite good. An annual subscription, which is more than we need, is WAY less than with Microsoft wants. And it ties nicely with Google Docs. So, its all good. If anybody is crazy enough to be interested, here is a summary and then a more detailed view. 

With any luck we'll start construction later part of June or early July. Be interesting to see how long all this takes. I'm kind of guessing September if we're lucky, more likely October. But, that gets us ready to use it in the Fall and Winter, so good to go!

Will add SITREPs as conditions warrent...