A death in the family.

My Garmin died. Stopped registering speed. Need to know speed. My self-worth is tied up in being fastish. For a fat 60 year old.

It said I was going 7 mph when I knew I was going WAY more than that. It was killing me.

Tried riding with nothing. No data. Nothing. It was like, did the ride even happen... Was also kind of fun, but no way to live.

So, I got a new one. Garmin 1000. Latest and greatest. If you read the review (I wonder how many will!) there are some known bugs that Garmin is hopefully sorting. So, some frustration, but really pretty nice unit.

NO way in hell was I going 7. The new Garmin proves it!

So a death and a new born. The cycle of life.

Jr and I are now getting comfortable with each other...need to learn it's nuances with routing before I take it somewhere I don't know when it's lying.