Interesting developments.

Talked with Craig, the contractor. Turns out we can do whatever we want whilst we await permits. As long as we don't cover-up anything that needs to be inspected. Excellent. Apparently the way this works is you pick-up the permits, walk around the corner, and schedule a footing inspection for the next day so we can pour concrete.

He's finishing up a project this week. We'll touch base tomorrow, Friday. If all goes to plan I'll head down next week. We'll get another roll-off dumpster and fill it up with:

  • The roof and the bearing walls
  • The front courtyard walls
  • Stuff that is laying around and did not fit in the last dumpster
  • The "Juniper that ate Cincinnati"

Then we'll stake out the new footings. If we can get all that done, hopefully he can get a crew in to dig the footings and build forms and lay rebar while we are up in South Dakota riding the Mickelson trail.

Fly in the ointment is that I looked at the weather forecast for next week. There is what they are calling an "Excessive Heat Warning". Humm... On the plus side, it looks like there might be some clouds on Tuesday and Wednesday. As I recall from our Phoenix days, partly cloudy meant you could see a cloud. I'm thinking early days and lots of Gatorade and sun screen!