Hi ho, it's off to work I go

Craig's close enough to on schedule. I can work alone on the front wall and the juniper until he is ready. So ordered a 40 yard dumpster to be delivered on Monday morning. Same length and width at the 30 yarder we had before. The walls are two feet higher. Hopefully we can be a bit less precise with loading. That's worth the extra $50!

Had a discussion about heat. He thinks I'm a sissy. They work early and knock off at lunch. Sounds like the voice of experience and a plan I can got on board with.

We'll pull the roof and hopefully get the garage and landscape wall foundations staked so we can be ready for the foundation inspection immediately when we get the permits. Other hope is to work with Craig to get some firmness in the schedule and some budgets.

I'll head down tomorrow... Not going to take any bikes and the tools are down there from last time. May not even have to fold down the seats.

Look for some afternoon musing volume and new pics next week from the cooling breeze of Dan and Tony's swamp cooler.

BTW, if you paste the address for the site into your RSS reader you should get these posts automatically. It worked for me in Feedly but not Flipboard. I've been getting pissy with Flipboard and finding Feedly more useful lately. This may clinch it. Worked for Fletcher in Feedly as well. So two votes for Feedly.