Cincinnati is safe tonight.

Took out the Juniper that ate Cincinnati. Took an hour - to cut it into manageable pieces. Getting it into the dumpster - that was the real work. Took almost 2 hours. Did I say it was going to be hot? Damn. And now the dumpster is at least a third full. The roof still needs to get itself in there...

Since some of you prefer a blog that discusses feelings (Mom, and her favorite, TW). As I was talking out the juniper (that ate Cincinnati), I pondered my feelings. I discovered that demolition exposes my nurturing nature. As I nurtured this perfectly good, if not overgrown, tree right into the dumpster.

Back to business... Decided the clever way to take out the tree was to work from the shady side. Started at 07.15. SWITBO allowed me to bring a subset of her trusty Felco pruner wardrobe. I also had a not a Felco bow saw.

For some reason, I thought I was taking out a tree. When I sized it up this morning, I realized it was just a big ole shrub. Lots of trunks. 

So I then sized up my available tools. I figured the way to do this was to cut my way in. For that, I pulled out the Felco model 21  lopper (when I went looking for the link, I noticed they make these things with carbon fiber handles now...Sweetie may need an upgrade.) For Christmas last year, she got new blades, so the model 21 was good to go. Felco says it is good to cut up to 1.4 inches. Not sure I'm man enough for 1.4, even with a new blade, but plenty man enough for 1. 

I cut a wedge, being real careful since I had no idea what was living in there. We found bird skeletons in the walls, but the tree was devoid of life. Go figure. Once I got the wedge going and broadened to where I could work, I pulled out the Felco model 620 saw (when I went looking for this link, discovered they no longer make the 620 - it's been replaced by the 621). Also for Christmas Sweetie got a new blade for her 620 handle (she has an excellent husband, line-up ladies) so I KNEW it was sharp.

The juniper was no match for the Felco assault and was felled soon enough. Following a teleconference with SWITBO I subsequently removed the shrubs that were along the front patio. They put-up a hell of a fight. The wood was seriously hard and I had to break out the not a Felco bow saw (shown here with the model 620 sheath for scale).

Went through a ton of liquids today and shut down a little after 12.00. Kind of felt like one of the legs of the transcontinental through Minnesota when it was a hot motha. We'd ride early and often, drinking with the same mantra. On that note, off to have dinner with one of our transcontinental compatriots, Zippy, who lives in Tucson. I think he finally told us why he was called Zippy. Kind of forget the story, but don't think it had anything to do with being fast. Been wanting to ping them since we're down here now, but just been crazy. Figure today will be the easiest day of the week, so tonight was a good fit all around.

Really opens up the view from the front door.

Really opens up the view from the front door.

Dan, if you're reading this. I am sitting at the living room table. Noticed some motion out the window. A bunny is loitering by the front porch. I'll watch for impacts!

Also opens up the view coming up the hill from Dan and Tony's.

Also opens up the view coming up the hill from Dan and Tony's.