Still tearing things up...but a quite productive day.

By 07.30 this morning we had:

  • CtC and FtF hard at it doing General Contractor with a heavy dose of labor stuff.
  • The Electrician do'n electrical planning stuff.
  • The Plumber do'n under-slab plumbing stuff.
  • Haul'n Otis, I love his company name (his name is Otis), doing skid steer digging, carrying, loading of trailers to go to the dump, and grading stuff.
  • Me, "The Owner", doing Straw Boss stuff.

By 07.32 I was getting direction from all involved. I got some slack for being "The Owner" (said with appropriate derision), but not as much (slack) as I thought I deserved. If we were in a Gated Community, I'd have gotten more slack, and a lot more derision. Being in The Barrio, no room for slack, we're working here. The Quail Manor is actually looking more squared away than ever. In an all torn-up kind of way. 

Before I knew it we had all the slab cuts removed and most dug out to at least 2 feet under the slab so they can pitch the sewer and grey water lines, the heavy demo done, and trenches where the new garage will be running over to the existing sewer line. Interesting how all the subs were helping each other. Nobody standing around. Didn't see a single cigarette. Breaks were short, of course we have no shade so taking a break is not all that different than working. Bodes well for getting work done for sure! Until FtF builds some shade...

Speaking of the Barrio. 

Seems we're the talk of the neighborhood. "What are they going to do next" kind of talk. Yesterday, Al - the neighbor up the hill that we had to clear muster with before we could talk with the owners, you think NYC condo's have standards, the Barrio has standards...before anybody says anything, yes we got to talk to the owners anyway - stops by. After giving me a large ration of shit about "I thought you were going to keep the walls", "don't you wish you'd just brought in a bulldozer", "bet you're glad you bought that house now", shit you expect so I accepted the beating as deserved. He wonders if we would mind giving the scrap swamp cooler and heater to one of the neighbors that collects scrap. Of course not.

So a little while later a mountain of a man and his posse arrive. I'm at Dan and Tony's so I go over for a little community relations while they load the truck. He's a real character. Lived in the neighborhood all his life. Starts pointing to houses, who lives there, how long. He's proud of his neighborhood.  Al describes the neighborhood as quirky. I think that is the best description I've heard. Quirky.

Back to the mountain of a man. As we start to wrap things up he says how happy everybody is with what Dan and Tony have done to improve the neighborhood and how happy they are with the direction we seem to be going on the Quail Manor (I didn't tell him the name, felt like would be a little sissy with a mountain of a man to say you named your house). He also makes sure I understand that the neighbors wont have crime in the neighborhood. They pretty much take care of things themselves. If I see anything fishy, let him know. Not sure if he was making sure I wont be doing any crime, or to make me feel comfortable investing in the property.

Good idea I figure to take it both ways!

Seems we have a really good slab. 4 to 5 inches thick. Not a crack anywhere. Nice footings. Very cool. Plant people complement plants. Building trades compliment your slab.

That's about all I have energy for. It's hot. Real hot. The humidity has come down just enough that the swap cooler is helping again. When I got here Tue, I turned on the swamp cooler as normal. REAL BAD IDEA. No swamp cooler the day after rain. I know that now. Thank goodness we're putting in air conditioning.

One more thing. Frequent readers may remember me fussing about Tucson Water. Going to charge a fortune to upgrade and move the water meter. I have to personally go down and write a check. FD is in the water meter consulting business, he comments that I am full of the well known substance and proceeds to explain why the water meter costs what the water meter costs and that the cost in Tucson sounded about right. Anyway, I went down yesterday.

The guy asks why we want to increase the water meter, that costs a lot of money. I'm thinking yah! We talk and he says, let me look at the plans. For some reason I had thrown them in the car. So I go out in the heat, but it feels so good when you go back into air conditioning I didn't really complain. Yada yada yada, we have about 65 psi of pressure are going to a 1 inch line; no reason to upgrade the water meter. Saves us like $1,200 plus I think it was $30 a month. We can upgrade if we need to later. That's a good bureaucrat! I like this Tucson.