Our first pour. Technically we pumped. Whatever, concrete was applied.

Footings went in for the back wall and back courtyard at 05.30 this morning. Filled the slab cuts. 14 yards of concrete. Seems like a lot. These footings are wide and deep. They're so wide we may have to figure out something to get stuff near the base. That said, they don't spread. Once you find the outer edge, it's a clean edge.

The guy running the pump was named Travis. Said I knew a Travis. He seemed to like that. The pump guy. Not sure how TW feels about it...I expect he'd be proud too. Speaking of the pump guy. As he was hauling the hose around, he looked like Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation in the scene when he was pumping the black water tank of his RV into the storm sewer. Made me chuckle a bit. Didn't tell anyone why... They thought it was the hour.

Scheduled the inspection for the garage and front courtyard footings tomorrow. Seems like we have a fair bit left to do. The guys are coming back at 05.30 to finish before the inspector arrives at some indeterminate time between sun-up and sun-down. Focus is on the garage since that is quite structural. Courtyard does not even technically need to be inspected.

Then the bug spray guys show-up and saturates the soil under where the slab will be poured at 05.30 on Wed with what I'm sure are nasty and caustic chemicals that bring a pox on all the termites houses anywhere near our slab.

Mentioned my Eli Wallach in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly observation to Chris the lead concrete guy, the only one who admits to speaking English (and he speaks it well, interestingly he has a Hispanic last name, but speaks basically no Spanish, go figure). He doubled over and said he'd been saying the same thing for years. At lunch, which these guys eat about 09.00, he showed the crew a The Good, the Bad and the Ugly picture on his smart phone. A good time was had by all. I mentioned to Eli later that he should get a screen test in Hollywood. He understood enough of that that he made tracks for the truck. Then got back to work... He wasn't whistling today either!

We're going to get the SWITBO on site next week. Going to do rough grading after all the trenching and pouring but before we build any house. Kind of get things so we can see what we have and prevent any potential none grading related damage. Should be interesting, there is a lot of dirt piled up around the place. What makes me think it won't be enough...

Not much other news today, and no Tour de France, so I'll sign off. The TdF recap starts in a few so I can get my fix.