Finally. Above ground construction.

Back wall. Done. And it's a beaut.

Laid every bit of the 6 feet height allowed by law.

Note the orange dots. I asked about why they were defacing our new wall. Turns out, those are the cells that contain rebar coming up from the footings. Before they grout (fill the cells with concrete) the wall, they stick rebar down the the marked cells from the top so the grout locks the two rebar pieces together. If you follow the mortar joints there is a clear channel all the way to the top. Pretty cool.

In the very foreground of the picture you can see some small gauge wire mesh. This stuff goes every two courses as the wall goes up. They butter the top of course two, lay on a piece of wire mesh, then lay course 3 on top of the wire. Tony, the top mason, says they are the ribs of the wall.

Speaking of the Tony. Every day he brings his mortar mixing thing. It's got some veteran marks for sure. I ask if it was his dads. Nope, his grandfathers. He said it is at least 40 years old. He has two or three others, but this is his favorite. Tools!

Ann suggested I put all of the daily pictures in the daily post. I've not been real happy with the timeline pictures anyway. So, I'll start putting them in the daily post so new stuff is easy to find and in the timeline so there is some record of changes. I'll continue to try to come-up with something better for the timeline...

I know everyone wants to know what resolved with the house slab. Tomorrow (ALREADY!) they start demoing the slab. On Tue they re-pour the slab using the SE (lowest corner) as the datum. So, the top of the new slab will align with the top of the stem wall in the SE corner and then be below the stem wall everywhere else.

CtC says he has the framing sorted so everything will line up.

Everybody seems satisfied with the cut line pattern.

With a little luck we'll be able to use some of the slab pieces to build retaining walls and steps around the property. We'll see how it actually comes out. Apparently they start tomorrow at 06.00, late for concrete guys, with 50 pound hammers. THAT will be something to see!

By the way, we will be coloring the floor San Diego Buff (Davis Colors # 5237). If you follow the link, scroll down to San Diego Buff. The colors are alphabetical by name. The actual concrete sample is much browner than what appears on at least my laptop screen. I've not found a way to get a very reliable big picture on-line. Working off paper and 3 x 3 inch concrete samples here. It was recommended by the concrete wizards and we actually like it a lot. Should look good with the grey cabinets and Santa Fe'ish blue Ann has in mind to paint the barn doors. If you follow the blue link, the doors look nothing like our doors, but the color is in the ball park...I think. She's very particular about this blue!