Blog pictures save the day.

The weekend was about:

  • Door and window selections
  • Lighting layout
  • Cleaning

None of those things are very exciting unless you sell doors and windows or have to install lighting fixtures. Cleaning is only interesting if someone else is doing it. So no posts...

Now that I've said they're not very exciting I did have some learnings:

  • I misunderstood what SWITBO wanted for doors. I was corrected straight away and the door guy is working the problem now that we have precise clarity.
  • While we're still sorting lighting for the bedrooms, the living areas and bathrooms will probably be recessed. I then learned there is real science to the arangement and spacing of recessed lights. I kind of thought they were just there. Nope, somebody gave it a fair amount of thought. Here is the site that renders the surprisingly complex relatively simple. I of course constructed a spreadsheet to compute all the things that need to be computed. Did some tweaking in the layout but pretty cool all around.

Well, today was about preparing the house for it's new slab. Lots and lots of sand was removed. Lots and lots of rock dirt from piles in the front were installed where the sand was removed. Lots and lots of compression was performed and finally we had a relatively stable rough grade. 

At that point the vapor barrier was installed. Some seriously thick plastic that is fit around all the slab penetrations. They actually duct tape the plastic sheet to the pipes. Now I know we have a viable solution...finally...duct tape has made a meaningful appearance. I may go put a zip tie somewhere for good luck...

Then they installed and compacted right at 30 tons of this AB stuff that is the mother's milk of concrete work in Tucson. Maybe everywhere, but I can speak for Tucson.

Then they put down and interconnected sheets of wire mesh that will add strength to what promises to be one hell of a slab. Lipstick on the pig of this bad old stem wall. Speaking of the stem wall. As the day went on, there was less and less of it. The slab protrudes through the wall at the doors so the threshold under the door looks like the floor. Between removing block to make room for our doors, and removing the crap that was there for the old doors, these thresholds are quite wide. The part under the door will be visible. The part under the wall will be obscured by the stucco. May have to think about that...

For the steps down into the garage we had a bit of a dilemma. On the inside of the door, the slab color is the slab color. On the outside of the door the slab color is the step color, which is the garage slab color. So, they split the difference. The transition will occur directly under the door threshold.

So why is our title about blog pictures and day saving. Well, observant readers will have noted that when we poured back the slab cuts...seems like forever ago, but it was exactly a week ago! Anyway, Bob the plumber installed boxes around the tub and shower drains to hold back the slab so he has some room to install the drains. There were two boxes with different cutouts. Opps. Wonder which one goes where?

Chris (the concrete wizard that has been leading most of the digging and forming) knows about the blog, gave him the link today, he knows I've been taking pictures. He dispatches me to the iPad. Fortunately my WiFi covers both properties. I find a shot that is perfect for the tub drain, but the shower drain is in the distance. The equipment operator whom they call Nacho (I have no idea if that is anywhere near his real name), says zoom it, it'll work just like my 5s iPhone. Damn, I'm the tech guy here. One, that's a perfect idea and solved our problem. Two, I don't have a phone that nice...

Anyway, the pictures contained in this hear Musing record avoided a call to Bob the plumber who is already pissed that we broke one of his vent pipes (which he fixed on Saturday).

THEN, the folks with the presumably caustic as hell termite juice pre-treated the slab. Third time they've been here. Second time they've pumped juice on the house slab, First time they've pumped juice on the whole slab. Interestingly, the vapor barrier keeps moisture from fluorescing the new slab. It also is impenetrable by termites. Now, I bet that's not completely true but they're going to have to work to get at our wood.

We're also installing bait traps every 10 feet around the Quail Manor. Someday, somebody will be dealing with termite issues at the Quail Manor. It had better not be your humble Muser...

Tomorrow we pour (technically pump) the San Diego Buff.