A day that went to plan

Slab pour (actually pump) uneventful. And beautiful. Kind of the color of leather with nice soft hand tooled curves at the cut lines. This floor is going to be beautiful as it cures and patinas and gets a little polish towards the end of construction. Talked to the polisher yesterday. Seems the "polish" is actually a synthetic wax that is worked into the top layer of the concrete. That way the concrete can breathe. This is the barrio. I'm betting there is not a lot of patinaed concrete breathing.

Hats off to the Benchmark Concrete folks. I set my alarm for 05.30. I heard the first trucks come up the cul-de-sac before 05.00. These guys have left their home, gone somewhere (that I'll bet is not near by) to pick-up work trucks, then come here. THAT is an early start.

These finishers also do the footing prep, but their art is finishing. There is no fat of these guys. I'll bet the cut lines in the slab were dressed at least 8 or 10 times. Every inch of the slab was hand dressed that number of times too. By the end it was like they were burnishing leather. The final cut dressing was with a finger to take the edge off the groove.

This is hand work. Take trowel. Extend body and arm. Lean into it and move left, right and in and out. For the next 6 hours or so. Talk about strong core. Jabbering, whistling, singing, smoking and giving and taking shit the whole time. Fun to watch.

As we were packing up, they said it came out great because of my leadership. Some days you give crow, some days you eat crow. That comment was them giving and me eating. I said at least it went faster than if I helped. They laughed and kept moving for the trucks. 

Bob the cranky plumber stopped by early to see if there was anything he needed to do to get his pipes ready for the pour. Too late for that, but quite impressed he came by on his own initiative. Cranky, but real good! We kibitzed for awhile. He was curious just what the hell we were doing!

Had a visit from Mrs. Murray's paster. A 6'-5" ish paster. He commands respect. Seems he's liking what we're doing. Suspects Mrs. Murray would like to be alive to enjoy it!

Ann's supposed to get in here a little after 23.00 tonight. Storms in Denver. The inbound from STL that becomes the flight from DEN to TUS is already delayed. Going to be a long night.

Here are today's pictures. Notice how the concrete color changes between the first picture taken about about 13.00 and the others taken at about 16.00 (after the camera battery recharged). Getting lighter. The sun angle was more sever and it was hotter than hell which may have an impact too. Also notice the garage slab is uncovered so we can see that as well. Also notice the slab extends above the stem wall in front towards the garage and is below the stem wall towards the back away from the garage. The stem wall is still way out of level, the slab is level. The framers will level the house to the slab. We hope.