Life is better as Straw Boss

Activities this week have been divided into two categories:

  1. Straw Boss
  2. Laborer

I prefer Straw Boss. With these activities I observe, opine, decide, and approve. Power alley activities for sure.

Laborer sucks. Sweat drips into my glasses. I become soiled and fatigued. These activities are one thing on a bike. My high-tech gear mitigates the discomfort. In laborer mode I'm dressed in cotton. Long sleeve shirts and pants to keep the sun off. A bandanna draped off the back of my sombrero to keep the sun off. Plenty of things to bitch about, but the discomfort accumulating bitching points is not a good balance.

Not too much else to discuss today.

  • Lots of progress on front courtyard walls and they "bull nosed" the top of the back wall.
  • Lots of concrete was hauled. Some dirt (if you can call rocks and dust dirt) piles were adjusted.
  • Ann built her first prototype drainage ramp. Has not been tested with water and not complete yet anyway, but looks good to me (it has too, she occasionally reads this). Many more of those on a much bigger scale tomorrow. Look for it in the pictures.
  • We palatalized the bricks we (Ann) removed from the original back patio. In addition to the fact the bricks had to be handled twice (after already being handled multiple times when Ann dismantled the patio), building the pallet was more unpleasant than I expected. There's more than meets the eye to stacking them.

Ann has a thing for Bob Cats. After Haul'n Otis left for the day, SWITBO posed and instructed me to take her picture. I complied. Here she is with her Bob Cat! You might notice she is a bit more bedraggled than in yesterday's shot. Here, she has been toiling. Yesterday, she was clean and heading out for Mex food.

I'm done. Ready for tomorrow to be the last day for a week or so and head back to DEN. Here are today's pics...