Looks a little like a house. A little house.

Busy day at the Quail Manor:

  • Framing. Lots and lots of framing. Look at the pictures and note how high these freaking walls are. I was just out doing site clean-up. Plenty of big scrap, but a WHOLE LOT of 1/16th inch and 1/8th inch thick pieces as they deal with inconsistencies in the bad old stem wall and cut studs - real long studs - to fit. One at a time.
  • Discovered our first big blow. I noticed last night that the blocking to receive the bathroom wall framing did not align with the vent pipe that "penetrates" our fancy concrete. Figured the framers got it wrong and we'll just move the blocking. The framers had it right.
    • After figuring and measuring we determined that a dimension for the vent pipe that was from the INSIDE of the stem wall was measured from the OUTSIDE of the stem wall. End result is the vent was 8 inches into the closet.
    • Net net is we're going to cut the precious concrete and move the vent pipe. Since the cut (and subsequent repour) will be under the tub and in the closet, the fact that we may not be able to accurately match the color will hopefully be lost in the deep shadow of the closet...I'll pull the bulb from the light if I have too!
    • Tomorrow we fix and Monday (presumably) we pour.
    • Yes, we checked the other "slab penetrations". Close enough to make it work. Toilet flange in master bath is a bit close but CtC is confident we have options...
  • HVAC. Manny the HVAC guy was by. Sorting returns and vent options. Not a whole lot to do with a 2 ton unit. He is going to add a return in each bedroom so if the doors are closed there will still be circulation.
  • Concrete. Is there EVER a week that goes by without concrete. Step forming is supposed to start tomorrow (Friday) with the pour on Monday. 
  • Flare-up issue around ADA.
    • Apparently every house in Tucson must have at least one ADA (subsequently found out they call it something else since residential not commercial, but end result is the same) compliant path to the street.
    • Now, I'm no Tea Partier, but WHAT THE F)(*&)(*? Seems some city council person (or similar) decided this would be a good idea and passed a law. OK...
    • What that means is a removable threshold at the door. Not sure what that is, but we have one at the front door. Further it means there can not be a step at the front door. Now we have a problem.
    • The permitted plans have the front porch 4 inches below the house floor level. OK, we can raise that.
    • Then the concrete guys look around and ask, so how are you going to have a "weep screed" in the stucco that by code has to extend 2 inches below the house floor. THIS is a dilemma of the first order.
    • CtC and I are heading out to run errands, so we start at the inspectors office. We wait. We ask our question. The inspector looks at us like we are silly. We are doing a remodel, we kept the bad old stem wall (!), so no issue. Be on your way. We skedaddled right on out of there. And dropped the slab back down 4 inches.
  • Off to have a look at aluminum counter tops. Sounded intriguing when I heard about it. Turns out to be aluminum sure enough, but Formica aluminum. No edge options, and more importantly found in the real fine print that it was intended for vertical and light duty horizontal applications. Does not sound like a kitchen to me. Looks like I'm off to Ikea, Tempe to buy counter top.
  • Went by the metal supply place. They have cut-out quails in multiple sizes. But not what we were looking for. Today. Told Ann about it and I suspect we will be back. On an unrelated note, watched a couple of quail marching down our back wall like they owned the place. Back to the metal supply...did find some 2 inch square tubing for a bit more than the 2 x 2 lattice that will form the top of the pergola. Think we'll go with the metal and let it rust. Never have to paint it though and it won't split or twist...
  • Went by the lumber yard to look at joist hangers for the pergola joists. Suck. Way. Did decide to use them but to overlay them with black aluminum flashing so they look better. Will also install the same flashing along the top of the joists so they do not get sun or rain and will be less likely to split.
  • Then off to sort bathroom cabinets.
  • Went through lighting and electrical plan. Told CtC his biggest challenge will be to get me to commit to an electrical plan...

Yes, it's still hot. And muggy. Had a visit from the Reverend. He is enjoying this project more than I am!

Here are today's pics. Looks a little like a house! Like a little house.