You asked for action and people shots. Here are your action and people shots!

You know who you are. You people that want people in your pictures. 

First, here is Craig the Contractor (CtC). The ring leader of this little (pun intended) operation. I've seen him without the phone, but not often. If you look carefully, those are wooden pencils in his pocket. He'll whip those out and draw a picture on any piece of wood or wall that will stay still long enough to be drawn on. We were running errands today. The ashtray in his truck must have a stock pile of at least a dozen freshly sharpened wooden pencils. Classic.

CtC doing what he does best.

CtC doing what he does best.

This is the family Vasquez. The nominal leader is Mike the New Framer (MNF). He is in the middle in the brown shirt and shades. To his left, our right, is his dad. Continuing to our right, Uncle Bob is in the gray shirt. Bob does most of the layout. Next to Bob is a non-Vasquez. Interestingly on the other end is another non-Vasquez. The Vasquez's then to cluster!

To MNF's right, our left, is his youngest brother. Next to him is MNF's son, Ryan. EVERYBODY gives him shit. No fun being the young guy and the son of the guy in charge. To Ryan's right, our left, is MNF's next brother down.

The not MNF brothers tend to be the first to arrive and last to leave, so we have time to kibitz. In addition to being damn good framers, they are interesting characters. They have San Diego eyes. Who can blame them. Not just San Diego, like Coronado San Diego. They have some big plans!

I'm a huge fan of the Family Vasquez Framers (FVF). Their work is impeccable. They're not used to working in the barrio. Their clientele is up in the fancy gated communities. I can't wait to see what they come up with on the pergola and front porch. There are some pictures in the today's pictures section of the roof overhangs. Going to be real beefy and cool looking. Will see the structure. I like it!

Here are today's pictures. Had a pretty good rain storm around lunch. Ran the framers off. Roof should be closed in tomorrow and all the house framing complete this week. The pergola and front porch next week.

I tried to get some shots to capture just how big the timbers are for the pergola. My lousy photography skills aside, these things are HUGE. We had the lumber yard cut the corbels on the end.