Proud owners of 353 cubic feet of IKEA stuff.

Technically its 352.8 cubic feet, but 353 reads better.

The Kitchen was delivered to Denver and the Bathrooms to Tucson. Ann reports the Denver pile is the same size as her beloved Prius C. Not much size for a car, but a fair bit of size for a flat pack kitchen. She further reports the pile out-weighs her beloved Prius C. And I believe her. This stuff may have some "A" Mountain rock in it. Nearly as dense. I can report there is no more room for stuff in my accommodations. DnT, I hope you don't want your spare bedroom back until we have a secure the Quail Manor!

Denver photo credits to MS who assisted with the check-in. And knows how to use her camera phone! Careful observers will note that my "bed" is made. The "bed" is a futon. The futon was surprisingly comfortable for the first 50 nights or so. Not really intended for a 60 year old curmudgeon for extended periods though...

Got back out on the bike before it got hot. Performance was much more in line with my expectations. Much happier. No more than a mile from the barn into my ride when the phone rings.

As will come as a surprise to no one, I'm wired for sound on the bike. Headphones on a bike are a hotly contested issue. You want to be able to hear traffic. But your also on the bike for hours, so nice to have some entertainment. What to do...

In the olden days I would use an ear bud in my right ear only. My left ear (the one on the traffic side anywhere but UK influenced places) was open to hear traffic. Problem was there is some stuff to hear that comes out of the left ear bud.

5 or 6 years ago a company came out with ear buds that sit on the bony thing in front of your ear so you could hear ambient noises and music in both ears. Called AirDrives. Can't really hear anything coming out of the speakers if windy or going fast, but work great most of the time. Only down side was to use them I had to remove the waterproof plug from the phone case and use a special adapter. These things get lost and are expensive to replace.

And a year or so ago a different company, Outdoor Technologies came out with a bluetooth dongle that clips to your jersey. Plug the AirDrives into the dongle and it's a real sweet solution. Well, the clip broke off the dongle. Sad day at the ranch.

Well, in the last couple of months yet another company has came out with a bluetooth headset that uses bone conduction, that's right bone conduction. They sit on your head ahead of your ears. Called a Bluez 2. I'd looked at the Bluez 1 a year or so ago and the reviews were universally bad so took a pass. The 2 has universally good reviews, so I bought a pair. Love them. 

Back to the phone rings in the first mile or so of yesterday's ride. It's my brother John. Microphone pick-up is a little suspect but more or less works. While we're talking, the phone rings again. John, I have a call on the other line. Like this happens all the time! It's the IKEA folks in Denver, going to be early is that OK. Well, yah. Back to John. Like I said, wired for sound.

Took-up the "Ram Board" protecting the pristine floor and cleaned-up a whole lot of saw dust. Tomorrow theoretically they start and probably finish the interior walls. There aren't many! Needed the board up so they could snap lines WITH BLUE CHALK. The red stuff leaves a permanent mark.

Here are some pictures of the uncovered floor. Also a couple of shots of a kitchen door and the bathroom tile. I just noticed how parallel the lines in the concrete are with the lines where the light comes through the plywood on the roof. I think that means everybody's doing a good job!