No more slab on grade. Or. The concrete floor...again.

Can you tell the problem with these two pictures? Answer below...

Another question. How you going to put a toilet and 30 inches of cabinet in that space.? Now the're not. 

We have to cut out the damn bathroom floors to put the damn toilet rings in the right freaking place. Not anybody's fault. It just is. And going to cost more money to fix. Uggggggh.

Terry the ultimate concrete wizard is going to come by tomorrow and we'll sort. Definitely NOT his fault at all, but he is central to solution.

  1. On the one hand we could cut out a minimal amount of concrete and put a pretty joint in front of the toilet. I wonder what will accumulate there boys?
  2. On the other hand we can cut all the concrete out of both bathrooms and put a joint under the door.
  3. Or, we can tile the bathroom floors.

Maybe Terry will have a brilliant other alternative, but I suspect we'll be having a bonus joint under the bathroom doors...

In other news. Inspector by today so we can weatherproof the roof. He takes issue that the VFF's framed a beautiful wall between the garage and the kitchen/living room, but it is not as designed. It's better actually, but not as designed. So heated conversations with Jake, the Architect. He designs another solution. The framers are puking all over it with an end result that will hit my wallet. Call Jake. Jake comes out. We're good. He designs as "as built", The inspector comes again tomorrow... So do the roof guys. Some tension.

Jake also did a walk around and took some professional pictures. Hopefully he'll send and I'll post. Mine really don't come out right. He seemed pretty excited with the results.

Interior walls got framed. The master bedroom wall had to be installed out of square about 3/4 inch. The cut joint was not parallel to the wall so we made the wall parallel to the joint. Other joints were perfect. I'm sure we'll pay the price installing bathroom cabinets, but it looks good!

Spaces, other than toilet locations, are very cool. The bathrooms are so small and so tall you almost have to lay down to see the ceiling. Love it. Still have to frame the guest room/study, but liking the space so far.

Tomorrow finish inside, onto the front porch, which I think will be seriously cool, and back to the pergola. And the roofers. Supposed to rain buckets, so tune-in tomorrow!

Another visit from the Reverend. Told him Mom's been asking about him. He was touched. Approves very much of what we are doing and what we are doing for the neighborhood. Nice to hear. Noticed this weekend we had lots of drive bys. Apparently we were a topic at church on Sunday about what we were doing to Sister Murry's house.

Here are today's pictures. Notice what finishing the roof over the garage did to the front elevation. Very cool. CtC is up on the roof installing a drip edge so water does not run down our fascia. It rains like 6 time a year here. We don't have a proper drip edge in Denver, Ann checked, and it rains like 12 time a year there. Not to stir-up trouble, but he said early on it would take a good man and hour. Not to stir-up trouble. Took CtC 2 hours. I helped from the ground by keeping him company. Could be argued that is the issue...I think not.