the Quail Manor

It was tragedy to loose the bathroom floors. But there's more.

To remove the old, if 3 weeks is old, bathroom floors, there were strangers, recommended by our favorite concrete wizards at Benchmark. I stayed away and CtC handled the marking and monitored the cutting. Ann has to take the cats to the vet to be put down. I don't deal with these things well.

Things progress. I'm standing on the front porch leaning in the guest room/study window kibitzing with John the Stucco guy waiting for CtC so they can sort flashing. When. Horrors. There is a chip in what will become the bullnosed edge of the floor under the bathroom door. I dart in and chew some serious concrete cutter ass. These are big sweaty guys, so this chewing is at a not insignificant personal risk. 

CtC arrives, notices two additional chips on the master bedroom side. Thinks that is what I'm torqued about. Comes around and looks at mine. Immediately determines it is under the pocket side of the pocket door into the bathroom. Whew. I don't know about the additional chips CtC has seen...yet. Then he tells me he thought I was pissed about the two in the master. Shit... Off I go again. Calls are made. Benchmark is consulted. No way to fix these things. Least bad alternative is to cut to the outside of the doorway so the bullnose will be on the bedroom side of the bathroom door. 

I'm not happy. Not happy at all. CtC has the guys drag the saws back in and cut to the outside of the door. BUT DON'T TOUCH IT. WE'LL REMOVE IT. CUT AND LEAVE.

CtC removed to the new cut and all is smooth, just 2 inches into the room.

VFF's finished. Drove copious lag screws. Nailed copious metal brackets. Added yet more blocking. Separated copious scrap from returnable lumber. Swept and exited stage left. We have a house shell.

Now we're juggling rough-ins but more complex is the:

  • sandblasting of the rough lumber
  • staining of the rough lumber
  • cleaning, priming, and painting of 100 pieces of 2 by 2 steel tubing
  • installing 100 pieces of 2 by 2 steel tubing
  • installation of corrugated metal roofing and associated flashing
  • application of stucco

All this needs to be orchestrated so sandblasting does not tear up finishes, stain does not get on stucco or roof, stucco does not get on stain or roof, flashing gets installed in the right sequence, stucco happens after drywall. drywall happens after all the rough-ins.

Not sure CtC is going to get much sleep tonight. As he left today he was muttering something about a gin and tonic.

Here are today's pictures. Minor changes outside and inside for that matter. Inside, we finally get an unobstructed picture of the wall into the guest room/study. I like it. We also finally see the kitchen peninsula wall in place. Surprisingly this wall really defines the space somehow for me. Not sure why. But I like it. There is a big slab of plywood (technically OSB) at the end so it says plumb and does not get knocked over when someone bumps into it. 

Take note of how little stuff is laying around.

Also a few shots up from DnT's.