Swamp Cooler works a peach

Seriously hot today. Going to be seriously hot for the next week. But The Monsoon seems to have broken for awhile. So, humidity is manageable and the Swamp Cooler is working great! Thankfully. Just got up and turned down the fan. Actually.

Makes your musist happier than the alternative!

Worked my ass off today. We've had a pile of "AB", a compact-able fill the concrete wizards use all the time, left over from when the porches and steps got poured. Blocks off what would otherwise be a real convenient path out to the street. Finally figured out I could use it to raise the grade on the south side of the garage. 

Trouble is there is no way even Haul 'n' Otis can get a machine over there. So I'm moving it a wheelbarrow at a time. Of course I waited until after 08.00 to start, so hotter n hell. Worked until 13.00 managed to raise the driveway end of the garage wall 6 or 8 inches. The pile is still huge. Will do some more tomorrow. Start into the back yard end of the garage wall.

Suspect we will be terracing the whole south side of the property. The slope down to DnT's is pretty steep.

Had a question from SeW about how the concrete floor, if any survives, will be finished. They use a wax that if I understand correctly is kind of like the waxes you use on your car these days. It's synthetic and somehow bonds with the pores of the concrete. You can select the sheen you want. I'm learning a lot about sheen as we sort paints. I thought color was hard. We've requested the lowest sheen possible for the floor. He, the floor finisher guy, said it will probably be a little more than we want at first but then patina (is that code for get dirty?) down to a low sheen. My understanding is that it will look kind of wet, but not shinny. 

They do a lite sanding before the finish. The concrete now has some lighter and darker color variations, kind of like looking at your garage floor. Will be interesting to see how much of that remains. I hope most of it.

In all cases, the actual concrete looks way more brown than it does in any of the pictures I take. Curious why that is... Any ideas picture people?

Here are a few pictures of the fruits of my labor. Not terribly interesting. Other than damn hard, not much I can do to spice-up moving dirt.

I'm going to bed!