Stay'n Busy Around the Quail Manor

Moved a whole bunch of dirt. Have a whole bunch more to move. Guessing I took the pile down a half to two thirds. At least we can get around it now. Did plenty of perspiring and hydrating. Plenty.

Sorted and primed a process to prepare and paint the steel tubing that will go atop the pergola. We decided to paint it too look like it was rusted rather than just let it rust. Avoids rusty drips on the walls and furniture. We're putting up like 100 sticks. They all have 4 sides, so a lot of work. Fortunately I won't be grading the result. As long as it looks decent and does not start to rust, we'll call it good. Going to pretend that I don't see the runs and drips.

  1. Saturate a rag in Mineral Spirits and wipe each side of each stick as move it up to the saw horses were it will get properly cleaned. This takes the dripping oil layer off. Move fast because these baby's tend to be HOT. Constant back of mind concern about spontaneous combustion...
  2. Clean in batches of 10 sticks. That's one layer of the as delivered bundle.
  3. Use a magic secret sauce from the local paint store. Called Krud Killer or something. This stuff is caustic. Mix in water and use rubber gloves. Long ones! First, hose the sticks down to cool them off so the cleaner does not vaporize.
  4. Wipe the top and two sides with the secret sauce. Flip twice (180 degrees) so what was the bottom is now the top and repeat.
  5. Hose off. Wipe off with wet rags, top and sides, flip twice, wipe new top and sides. Hosing and rinsing rags as go.
  6. Wipe top and sides with dry rags. Flip twice and repeat.
  7. Steel is so clean it starts to rust as I am wiping dry.
  8. Move the wiped dry sticks into the garage where we've set-up saw horses. Allow to air dry.
  9. Paint in batches of 20 sticks. Rack them tight together so can roll primer and paint on as if a flat surface. Paint a surface, use a wood 2 by 2 that just fits inside the 2 by 2 tubing to flip them 90 degrees. Paint that surface. Allow to dry an hour or two. Flip another 90 degrees, paint that side. Flip 90 degrees and paint the last side. 
  10. Use the wood 2 by to separate the primed metal sticks a bit so the air can get to all four sides.
  11. Push the sticks back together so they are tight and repeat the process with the finish coat.
  12. Move out back and restack so they can be drilled and installed on the pergola. We'll make a template so the sticks can be drilled on the ground.

Timing seems to work out that now that the process is primed, paint finish coat in the morning. Move finished sticks to back yard in late morning after dry to the touch. Clean after move finished sticks. Prime late afternoon after the cleaned sticks have had some time to dry so the primer can dry overnight. This way, we only have to move the sticks 3 times before they go on the pergola.

CtC was over Sunday and added pins that are epoxied into the "old" concrete floor around the bathrooms and protrude into where the new concrete floor will be poured at some point. Apparently this makes the two pours move as one. Hope it works. Hoping to do the pour on a Friday so it can cure over the weekend so we can keep people off it.

Here are some pictures. Did take some shots of stuff blooming in DnT's yard. The desert is remarkable.